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coconut allergy

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tjacksonpfc Tue 10-Jul-07 11:43:27

hi all im after some help i have been diagnosed as allergic to coconut can anyone advise me as to suncream that i can buy that is coconut free please as all teh ones i have ever bought smell liek coconut trouble is they dont list coconut in there ingrediants and i dont no what to do as i am new to these allergy problems. any advice would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

Mumfie68 Tue 10-Jul-07 12:28:21

Just because something smells of coconut, doesn't mean they have it in them! Perfumes can cause the smell!

The ingredient list may have 'Cocos nucifera' (coconut), 'Cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine'(made from coconut oil), 'Disodium cocoamphodiacetate'(also from coconut oil), 'Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate', 'Sucrose cocoate', 'cocamodopropyl betaine' - actually, on further reading, anything with 'Cocam-' or 'Coco-' in the name is likely to be coconut.

As to a safe suncream, maybe you could try Bergaderm Sunscreen Mousse - I have a can in front of me that the kids use and it's the only one that doesn't give DS eczema - plus I've read the list of ingredients and I can't see anything coco-related.

Mumfie68 Tue 10-Jul-07 12:29:54

BTW, cocoa butter is something different, it can smell a bit like coconut but it's from the cacao bean.

tjacksonpfc Wed 11-Jul-07 10:07:49

thanks for that where abouts do you get it from?

Mumfie68 Wed 11-Jul-07 10:38:07

I had a look on Google, I just typed in 'coconut ingredient alternative names' and I had a look at a few of the websites that came up. I will say that it can be very confusing, luckily I studied Biology/Chemistry at A-Level, otherwise I probably wouldn't have understood half of it! The worst thing is, they HAVE to label the ingredients, but they don't have to do it in plain English! And we all kow Latin, don't we...

My best advice would be, if you don't know what an ingredient is, or aren't sure, ask at the pharmacy counter - usually the pharmacist will either know straight away, or will know how to find out for you. Or if there's a helpline number on the pack, call and ask, they're usually fairly helpful.

Good luck!!

Mumfie68 Wed 11-Jul-07 10:38:24


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