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PGL camp with allergies

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Somethingsosimple Tue 26-Feb-19 15:42:41

Dd is 9 and has the chance to go on a PGL camp in september. She is allergic to white fish and even the smell gives her a reaction. I admit I’m over protective but I feel so worried about letting her go. It is 3 hours away from home. She has also had a few hive reactions but I can’t work out what has caused it. Aibu to not stop her going?

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PCohle Tue 26-Feb-19 15:55:16

I would absolutely let her go.

They will be well used to dealing with kids with allergies and will have robust procedures in place. I shouldn't have thought white fish was a particularly difficult allergen to work around.

I assume she has an epipen etc? This will be a great opportunity for her to gain confidence in managing her allergy herself in a safe environment.

There are some useful resources available you could provide to PGL if that would help you feel more confident e.g.

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