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eczema - what should I expect?

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ratfly Fri 06-Jul-07 07:56:41

Ds is nearly 6 months and has had eczema since he was 4 mo. It seems to be constantly flaring up - his face is red and itchy, and he has horrible dry and red patches on his legs and arms, and behind his knees is almost scarlet.

No matter what we use, it doesn't seem to clear up. Am I expecting too much - should he have clear skin from time to time, or will he always be red and patchy?

Please let me know how your lo's eczema is.

Pixiefish Fri 06-Jul-07 07:58:17

I'd ask to see a dermatologist and get help from them. They will have an excema nurse at the hospital who will also help you. My dd does have good days and bad days

ratfly Fri 06-Jul-07 08:04:32

We have seen an eczema nurse. She gave us caneston and said "I think you will see a big improvement with this" and there has been either no, or very little, improvement.
Thing is his next appointment is in September...

at the mo, ds doesnt have good days.

friendlyedjit Fri 06-Jul-07 08:33:23

the big problem with infantile eczema especially of face is it seems to be stubborn as hell.

its worthwhile using lots of emollients- like emuliderm in bath and for hair/head. Then something to moisturise like Hydromol/epaderm or whatever emollient you have been prescribed and liked. You may need to try a few.
If its inflamed low strength topical steroids are really useful, like hydrocortisone, and usually the ointment is better than cream as more moisturising.
Visit the doc in case there's any sign of infection.
Sometimes a combination of antifungal and hydrocortisone for the face can be reaLLY useful.
Problem with eczema usually its an up and down rolllercoaster with good days and bad, andit can be really frustrating. Just when you think its going well........

If those things don't help and things are getting worse- think about milk intolerance.
Good luck

Pixiefish Fri 06-Jul-07 08:37:25

canestan is for thrush- I have never been prescribed it for dd.

You need a steroid cream- they do the mild .5% hydrocortisone to start with. Alos emollients- look out that ther's no lanolin in it- i do think different emollients suit different kids and at different times so worth experimenting

ratfly Fri 06-Jul-07 09:00:36

the caneston has 1%hc too.
I have been using 1% hc cream on his limbs and 1/2% on his face. and I use diprobase on his body and face every nappy change, and I use doublebase on his scalp.
But it still seems to be constantly red.
Should it actually clear up from time to time? Because I don't think he has been clear for about a month.

gingerninja Mon 16-Jul-07 15:36:54

Hi Ratfly, we've met before in sleep deprivation!

My DD's eczema is also pretty bad at the moment, she has lots of tiny patches all over her torso, behind knees, feet, wrists. Sometimes it's just orange looking and dry but at the moment is very red, almost like a scald and nothing seems to be shifting it.

We've also been prescribed canesten with HcD as Dr thinks it's sebhoric eczema where there is yeast present on the skin.

I don't know what's triggering the outbreak, could be weather or pollen but I'm going to go back to the Dr and see if we can get some other creams as I'm wondering if the stuff we're using just isn't working anymore.

I don't think I'd be very happy if DD's skin was bright red all the time so I'd see if you can see the dermo again.

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