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I'm posting for a friend - bit of advice please

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ELF1981 Mon 02-Jul-07 23:35:40

My friend has a little boy, he'll be one in August. She has been trying to get to the bottom of what she thinks is an allergy to milk. Her DS throws up violenty after being fed. She has been to see the docs but they have been dismissive and only just referred her to a pead.
She rang the helpline for the company that makes the formula he was having, and they said the properties in the formula is very much like cows milk and to switch to the baby stuff (I know it is SMA company but not sure of the types)
Since switching back, he has not been sick.
She doesnt want to give him milk again and make him sick, but how will she know that is what it is?
The docs are just passing her from pillar to post and she's worried the pead will be the same.
What should they be doing? Any advice?

I realise it is very late, so I'll bump in the morning.


FirstAtForty Tue 03-Jul-07 08:08:52

Has he had normal cow's milk or yoghurt and how did he react to that?

If it's cow's milk protein allergy (which is more common than lactose intolerance I believe) then he should grow out of it sooner rather than later but almost certainly by the age of 5. That is what I was told anyway, (my DD is cow's milk protein intolerant).

If your friend can get to see the paed they should hopefully be more helpful, it's something they tend to have more specialist knowledge of than the GPs I think.

My only advice is to monitor what he eats and drinks carefully and keep detailed records of diet and any symptoms that result (eg was sick immediately / 2 / 24 hours after having yoghurt / x formula etc). Also try to write down details of what has happened in the past and take these records along to any appointments.

It is apparently difficult to just do a test to see what the problem is, so food diary records are very important. Good luck to your friend

tatt Tue 03-Jul-07 09:40:18

sounds like he has been on formula for some time? Has he been sick before? Is she keeping him upright after feeds? It could be reflux rather than a problem with milk.

She should make a note of whether he is sick after cheese or live yoghurt, keep a food diary and perhaps try him with some probiotics.

A referral to a paed is all most people get as there are few allergy specialists. She can act about trying lactose free milk.

Most children grow out of problems with milk so tell her not to worry too much.

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