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Allergies and nursery

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Nattynat18 Thu 03-Jan-19 21:37:21

Hi all,

Am after some advice on how to approach an incident at my daughter’s nursery today. As background, she has been at the nursery for the last 12 months and suffers from multiple allergies. Up to now, the nursery has been great in managing her allergies - main meals come from an outside caterer so only snacks prepared on site. My daughter has just started in a new room and today I have discovered she was knowingly fed a snack which contained egg (one of her allergies is egg).

We see the allergy consultant at our local hospital every 3 months and egg was positive on SPT 6 months back. On her starting at nursery, I detailed her allergies and continue to keep them updated by email and verbally after each allergy appointment. Thankfully, she didn’t react to the snack but I am really upset this has happened and am wondering how I best tackle this with the nursery. I feel really let down and so anxious that the outcome could have been a lot worse - I can’t stop it running through my mind what might have happened. I am not sure if she ate any of the snack but it was definitely served to her.

Part of me doesn’t want her to go back on Monday but I know I need to have a conversation with the manager tomorrow to understand how this has happened.

Has anyone experienced this and any views on how to approach? Thank you.

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