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Anyone else have to take their own dessert on Christmas day?

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Orangecushions Wed 26-Dec-18 14:12:01

Not a dessert but just want to share my pain as I accidentally sent my gluten-free sausage meat stuffing home with DPs in a “leftovers” food parcel. It has totally ruined my Xmas dinner sandwich (on gluten free bread) that I was planning for lunch.

TheBitterBoy Wed 26-Dec-18 14:04:07

My MIL cannot eat gluten, so I made a desert that didn't have any gluten in it for everyone. I thought everyone would do that? It's just easier in general. However I am veggie, so I'm used to having to be 'specially catered for' as well, and when we been to MIL's for Christmas she always made me something special too.

canteatcustard Wed 26-Dec-18 14:03:50

always bring our own dessert. wish i brought my own starter and cheese course a well.
we have lots of allergies to avoid!

whytcp Wed 26-Dec-18 14:03:16

I'm a coeliac, DS has allergies to dairy/soy. I have to bring food every year - stuffing, gravy, desserts.

My in-laws didn't cater for us at all this year and my own family were a push. It's been almost ten years like this so I feel your painconfused

SleepingStandingUp Wed 26-Dec-18 13:58:31

Well they could have just made a dairy free one for every one and then had cream etc to add on if wanted by the others. Perhaps thry just lack confidence in making one? Or they're generally not very believing of "all these allergies these days" and are being rather passive aggressive about it.

Either way, it's done now. Judge them on their behaviour all year not just one meal.

If you host next year, I'd do it all dairy free.

Sumadoo Wed 26-Dec-18 13:55:24

Both DS1,DD2 and myself are dairy allergy/ intolerant. After my in-laws made a big deal out of not including butter in their vegetables this year to accomodate us for xmas lunch, I had to supply our own DF dessert whilst they made a homemade dairy dessert for the others (4 in total). So just under half of us are DF.

Just seen a post on FB about inlaws going the extra mile for their DF guests.

Feel a bit meh as I usually cook for them at Christmas and never expect them to contribute

Mentioned it to DH who says it would be unreasonable to have expected them to accommodate a DF dessert. They could have made an effort, couldnt they?

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