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Could this be cow's milk?

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PregnantGrrrl Tue 26-Jun-07 07:36:40

DS is just over 12mths, and has been drinking cow's milk for about 2 weeks now. He's become very agitated at night, screaming, clawing his nappy area, twisting in my lap etc. This isn't like him at all. It's worse at night, but he's also become a bit less himself in the day too now, and we're all miserable (and tired!)

He previously drank formula which had cow's milk derivitives in it, and he eats yogurts and cheese i wrote that he also just puked up some milk of the floor and it stinks.

Does any of this sound like it could be cow's milk doing it, or am i just overthinking it?

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 26-Jun-07 07:48:42

Yes it could be a mild intolerance (cows milk protein is harder to digest in milk than it is in yoghurt or cheese), but if he's clawing at himself then I'd poss get him checked out for a water infection.

If you want to test the milk theory then stop giving it for 2 weeks (takes 7-10 days to clear from system), see if he's better, then re-introduce milk and see if he is agitated again.

PregnantGrrrl Tue 26-Jun-07 08:08:46

i'm going to get him some formula later, and take him to the doctor's Thursday to get checked out.

I'm hoping this will solve it- we all exhausted and he's so miserable.

PregnantGrrrl Wed 27-Jun-07 07:44:25

he's getting better already!

last night he was less distressed and squirmy, and itching less. He slept a bit more too, and he's smiling this morning! Still a way to go, but yay!

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 28-Jun-07 21:38:08

How's he doing now PG? Did you switch him to formula?

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