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Patch test reaction 4 days later

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Chocolatebourbons Mon 03-Dec-18 07:27:10

Last Wednesday I went to a salon for a colour consultation and patch test as I'm a first time client there. This salon uses natural, vegan, non PPD colour which is now very important to me as I had a nasty reaction after my last L'oreal colour a few months ago at my previous salon, e.g. tight scalp, blocked ear, tinnitus and scabby scalp a week later.

Patch test applied behind ear, no reaction after 48 hours so assumed all ok. But yesterday (Sunday) I noticed my eyelids were quite itchy and a small area on my neck was itchy too.

This morning one eyelid is still a little itchy and a small area on my upper arm is too.

Could this be a delayed reaction?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 04-Dec-18 21:42:55

I’m not sure on this one sorry. I thought a patch test would only react on the patch, but I coukd be wrong smile

WhatHaveIFound Wed 05-Dec-18 08:38:20

Yes, it's possibly a delayed reaction.

I was allergy tested in my 20s and had 100+ patch tests put on my back. They were checked after 2 days, then again after 4 days. Some allergies showed up at the later consultation.

Chocolatebourbons Wed 05-Dec-18 19:13:52

I think the risk is too great for me to even have the PPD free Kevin Murphy colour, so it seems my hair colouring days could be over after 12+ years of trouble free salon visits, only the occasional tight feeling scalp prior to my last colour.

Will look into natural alternatives including Lush Henna...and apparently coffee and cocoa can help darken hair!

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