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Eczema in kids

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MarieRoberts Fri 23-Nov-18 11:36:40

Hi Mumsnet,

I just wanted to share a guy I've been using for a little while to help clear my eczema - I recommended him to my sister for my niece's eczema too. He follows a similar method to the Aron method (something notoriously difficult to get a booking with) and I just thought I'd share my thoughts on him in case anyone else (or their children) are suffering.

I think he's doing a free consultation at the moment over skype, so I guess that would make it easier for parents, instead of having to venture down to the Doctors? this is his link:

He isn't very expensive, but it's so worth it when I'm not making my skin bleed from itching so much. if anything, his resources and articles are really interesting and go into a lot of detail about why children might be suffering from it.

I hope this helps someone like it's helped me!


p.s. this isn't an ad or anything, this is just a recommendation from one person to a bunch of others smile

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