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Allergies driving me made! Advice please

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whymewhyme Thu 22-Nov-18 06:09:24

I suffer from hay fever but I'm also allergic mould and bad dust. I have one antihistamine a day and I'm fine.
This has changed in the last month I am suddenly waking up with really bad allergies! Sore itchy puffy eyes streaming nose itchy throat and abit chesty.

Just to add. My mattress is under a year old with a mattress topper on top with a removable cover, I wash that once a week and hoover the mattress weekly also, I usually wash my pillows once every month but I've recently binned them and brought new ones at the weekend! I dust my room once a week.

Just wondering if anybody knows why this could be happening?

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Gwynfluff Thu 22-Nov-18 06:26:01

Do you use a nasal spray? If so which one?

whymewhyme Thu 22-Nov-18 08:34:40

No I don't use a nasal spray, just the tablets

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