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Severe allergy and travel - help needed!

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Katie2101 Thu 15-Nov-18 09:23:38

Hi All,

I am travelling to Sri Lanka in 2 weeks time and am severely allergic to wasps. I have told my travel insurance company and will take epi-pens and antihisthamines with me. I am also taking a translation document to help explain that I will need urgent medical help if I end up in a situation like this.

What I would like to find out is what else can I do? When I have had a severe reaction I have needed immediate medical help here in the UK. A fear of mine is that I will be in an isolated location and may not be able to get the medical attention I need. I am aware airways can block up which I have been close to previously. In a worst case scenario is there a way to help treat/prevent this? I did think maybe self adminstering a tube down my nose/throat (crazy I know) as a last case resort might help but my doctor didn't give any advice on this and said this wasn't a good idea.

I think what I am asking is if it is a life threatening situation and I am unable to access help in that very worse case scenario - what things can I do to help myself recover from anaphalaxis and ultimately survive it?!

Any help would be really appreciated!

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seanceinterrupted Sat 17-Nov-18 16:37:00

Epipens and bronchodilators. Speak to your doctor. We have travelled a lot with our child who has severe allergies. We avoided places away from medical help because of the risk.

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