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Painful IBS flaring up after a socially busy day?

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LightningOne Sat 27-Oct-18 15:21:36

I notice that whenever I'm in the company of someone I really like, I tend to talk a LOT and in a very over excited manner (I can behave like this for hours and hours). After about 10-12 hours of this, I'd get a sort of crampy/burny feeling in the lower stomach and anus area with intermittent strong flatulence (flatulence which won't all clear in one go if that makes sense) and feeling almost like I need the loo but I won't.

Obviously, the easiest solution would be to stop behaving so excitedly but I often can't help it and find it difficult to be calm, laidback and quiet when e.g. seeing family after a long while.

Has anyone has this? Are there any supplements that can help? I generally have a tendency towards IBS-D anyway but usually it's much more manageable and I noticed the over-excitedness always causes these symptoms more than anything else sad

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 01-Nov-18 06:11:32

Are yiu sure it’s not CMPA? Your symptoms sound very much like it.

JanetLovesJason Fri 09-Nov-18 04:21:50

Look into blastocystis hominis as a cause of your IBS.

In the meantime.

Digestive system and vagus nerve are highly connected. If you get excited it will effect your digestive system. Here are some tips on toning the vagus. So things like more orgasms and yoga will help generally improve tone. For a quick fix, dunk your face in cold water.

Strengthening peristalsis can help too. Peristalsis is a sort of wave motion in the intestines (it’s how food etc naturally moves through the system). That means basically going for a walk (decent pace, 20 minutes plus, great if you can involve a few slopes rather than all flat terrain- I don’t mean it has to be hillwalking, just if you;be got the choice of flats streets or ones with a little Brae involved pick the latter). If that’s not possible doing a few sets of squats or running up and down a few flights of stairs. The motions involved in those actions help the system do it’s thing, by stimulating and tightening the stomach muscles.

Low FODMAP diet is helpful too, especially in terms of understanding food triggers. These can “set the scene” for excitement being enough to tip you over into an attack. I’ve also found that trying to minimise physic acid in food content helps. This means being aware of which types of foods are high in phytic acid, and also making sure fruits/vegetables are properly peeled and seeded. It also means generally going for white rice over brown, avoiding the whole grain version of anything.

In terms of supplements, a probiotic called L.Planatarum taken alongside food can help. But don’t get a supplement that includes FOS or inulin as these are ultra high FODMAP. Look for one that contains something like potato starch or rice starch (this is the prebiotic culture or food for the probiotic). I have two brands- Jarrow Ideal Bowel Support and Swanson. The first in cultures in potato starch and the second is cultured in rice starch. I take the first if I am eating a meal with potatoes in it, the second if eating a meal with grains in it, as I’ve noticed they are more effective when you match the culture to the meal.

LightningOne Tue 13-Nov-18 21:37:31

I don't think it's CPMA as looked at the symptoms online and I'm not seeing it but I could have a lesser known variant.. who knows but unlikely.

Thanks a lot JanetLovesJason - I'll look into the things you've suggested. I do walk quite a lot and doesn't seem to hugely help but the other things you've suggested are worth a go smile

Any more replies from people very welcome

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