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Hives/Rash has gone but itching persists...?

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jimbobuk Sat 29-Sep-18 22:10:47

Hi mumsnet,
I'm hoping someone might have had a similar experience and shed some light/ease our concerns...
About 2 weeks ago our 2yr old daughter's skin flared up extremely badly. A bumpy, red hive that resembled a type of chlorine rash.

As it was the 3 weekend in a row we had taken her to a local swimming pool, one which I felt had quite a lot of chlorine in, we assumed this was the cause.

We had a terrible few nights of her scratching herself to death, day and night. When we saw the doctor we were told that could be the cause and to use piriton and apply zerobase cream. Well, we had another week of the rash not really shifting and still giving her torturous nights.

Went back again and got some steroid creams to apply sparingly to really sore areas (knees, arms, thighs, chest and neck), as well as to still do pirition and cake her in zerobase.

Another week has past and apart from her thighs and arms still feeling a little bumpy there is no sign of a rash, discolouration or spots/bumps.

However, at night time she is still scratching herself really badly and for some reason, putting her in a lukewarm bath (with no products in whatsoever) she starts scratching immediately.

Does anyone have a similar experience or can reassure us that we're on the right track and things will eventually disappear? We've not been given any timescales and don't really know when to start assuming it's something else irritating her! Food allergy? Still chlorine? We just don't know

(Some general things: no change in diet, no new cleaning products being used, from laundry to household or her bath time)

Any POV would be much appreciated...

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