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Eczema and allergies

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hathom0 Tue 25-Sep-18 20:45:52

Hi Guys!

My dd is nearly 8mo and from the age of 3/4 months has suffered from quite severe eczema which I've treated with Diprobase and steroid cream as prescribed by my GP. This has more or less kept it under control.

Since we've started weaning I've noticed that she comes out in a hive-type rash and itchy eyes if her skin comes into contact with diary or eggs (both yolk and white). I went to the GP about it and said she might be allergic to them which could be contributing to her eczema (she hasn't really had any digestive symptoms that I've noticed). So she suggested I cut them out of my diet as she is still EBF.

Now I ordinarily eat a lot of dairy (I miss cheese sooooo much!), yet two weeks into my dairy free diet and her skin seems to have gotten worse not better. I expected her eczema to improve at least somewhat in this time. Maybe I haven't waited long enough or something else is triggering her eczema (I only found out a few days ago that eggs also triggered an allergic reaction so perhaps it has yet to leave my system).

I'd be really grateful for some advice. Has anyone else experienced this? How long did it take to see an improvement? Did you see an improvement? If/when did your lo grow out of their allergies/ eczema? What did you find particularly helped?

Thanks in advance!

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PragmaticWench Sat 29-Sep-18 21:47:33

I'd give it a two week window of strictly no egg, dairy or soya (closely related to dairy protein) and then see how she's doing. Keep up the steroid and emollient creams.

user789653241 Sat 29-Sep-18 22:01:27

I went through strict restriction diet while I was breast feeding. But my ds's dr only suggested it after testing him and finding out what he was allergic to. I saw the improvement quite soon.
Best way is to get gp to refer her to the allergy dr or paed, who can test her allergen.
My ds has multiple food allergies. Some he grew out of. Some dr thinks it for life. Some are fatal. Some are not as severe. Also as the dc gets older, they may develop environmental allergy by exposure.(Mine developed dust mite/ pollen/cat/dog allergy.)

OliviasMama21 Thu 18-Oct-18 14:14:59


Just wondering how you're getting on with being dairy free? Has the eczema improved? My 8 week old has quite bad eczema and doctors are considering whether I should cut dairy out as I am EBF too.

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