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Pregnancy and Coeliac Disease

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LetsPlayBamboozled Fri 28-Sep-18 22:21:48

Thank you so much for your replies, really interesting to read. Yes, dd was a scrawny long baby and I didn't put on any weight in my 3rd trimester. I had all day nausea the entire pregnancy, which was hideous but not a patch on hyperemesis I'm sure! Good advice on the extra check up. I don't even know to what extent they keep an eye on those usually when they take your blood so be good to find out.

I don't know. I'm pretty sure a pregnancy is not what my body really needs right now but I'm 40 now so.. Hats off to you both for getting through tough times!

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Sarahani Tue 25-Sep-18 22:22:24

I got pregnant a month after diagnosis and felt rough. Tired, sick and adapting to a new diet was hard.

Second pregnancy few years later I had hyperemesis (common with CD) but I felt less tired over all. Ive been lactose intolerant in both pregnancies for some reason.

Second baby was massive and has been much healthier and more robust than my first.

mousehouse123 Tue 25-Sep-18 16:32:33

Hi, not the same as you but the other way round. I was sailed through my first (non-coeliac) pregnancy, but struggled throughout my second, generally found it much harder, couldn't shift a cough, got a horrid eye infection, was low on iron, etc. I suspect that I developed coeliac between the two, although I wasn't diagnosed until my second child was a few months old. Might be worth trying to get an additional dietician appointment to check re additional pregnancy requirements, make sure you're getting enough iron, calcium, etc as your absorption levels will be naturally lower, etc. Hopefully you'll be fine though. Good luck!

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 30-Aug-18 18:44:01

Hopefully someone will be along soon OP thanks

LetsPlayBamboozled Wed 29-Aug-18 23:01:56

I was just wondering if anyone had experienced pregnancy whilst undiagnosed and then again after a diagnosis of Coeliac Disease?

I had a really hard time when my first was born, was so cripplingly tired, which was something I always struggled with before I got pregnant and for me was a main symptom of CD as it turned out, rather than digestive issues. We are now considering a 2nd. I've been gluten free for nearly 18 months now, though only began to feel any better after a year on this diet, so it's not been long.

My consultant said I don't need to do anything different but the gp has prescribed the higher level of folic acid.

Would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has been through this.

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