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Could it be CMPA?

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Xfirsttimemum Mon 06-Aug-18 19:01:54

Hi all, I have an 11 week old baby boy who is currently on omeperazole for reflux (gaviscon and ranitidine didn’t work) neither is this to be honest! Although it has helped somewhat when he lies down, he’s still crying while being winded and after feeds, will not nap (not even when held), is inconsolable when crying and still seems very uncomfortable in general. He’s always windy and we burp him every ounce while he’s having his bottle, but still seems uncomfortable. He’s ok for a few hours at night sleep wise, but once he’s had his night feed that’s it, he can’t sleep. He’s formula fed and his poos are very loose (up his back most of the time). He has the odd happy spell, but they’re far and few between. I spend the day trying to console him between feeds and it’s exahusting sad. We have a paediatric appointment in September, but I wondered if anyone had a similar situation? I just keep reading that omeperazole was a miracle for everyone else’s baby with reflux so I’ve lost hope! He has no rash or respiratory, although does cough and sneeze a lot (normal for babies sometimes I know). Any help would be appreciated!

El1995 Sat 11-Aug-18 13:21:22

Omg yesss same, my baby is 14weeks and the last 3 weeks or so has been horrendous to feed. He is extremely windy and in pain feeding, refusing the bottle and turning his head unless he is asleep, he has really runny poop and had mucousy poop for a few weeks until we changed his formula (was told mucousy poo was normal????! I don't think so!) . Now when he sees his bib he cries. We tried omeprazol and at first it worked but it's sort of stopped and his tummy pains are back, I can barely get any milk in to him! I Googled milk allergy and he has Alot of symptoms, all my GPS are shut and my health visitors aren't answering my calls. in a rush of desperation this morning I have called around 5 pharmacies, only one was willing to sell me nutramigen formula (for cows milk allergy) without a prescription so we are starting it today to see if it makes any difference, although it may take up to a week or so. I was told weeks ago it was unlikely he had it (although I've beenpalmed off bs the past three months so am going with my gut!) here's a helpful link, how are things?

El1995 Sat 11-Aug-18 15:08:44

Switched him to nutramigen 2 feeds ago and although he's still windy from this mornings usual formula, his burps seem healthier and are actually coming up now and he's not refusing it as much, hopefully I'll see more of a difference tomorrow! Wasn't expecting it to work this quickly anyway x

skinade Thu 01-Nov-18 21:05:09

@El1995 @Xfirsttimemum how did your babies get on with the milk? My son has just been prescribed SMA Althéra which is extensively Hydrolyzed. It's only been 24 hours but his pooh is very green, he's still not drinking much and strains to go to the toilet although he has been twice today so an improvement. Thanks.

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