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CMPA GERD meal help, I’m being daft!🙄

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Smellybears Thu 26-Jul-18 21:23:45

Evening all!
I’m a confused FTM, little one is coming up to 7 months old, severe reflux (GERD) and has CMPA. He’s on gaviscon in every bottle, 10mg Losec MUPS and Neocate milk.
Feeding nurse advised to try one food at a time for minimum four days which I’ve been doing. Did give early weaning a try but stopped and came back to it and it’s been just over 4 weeks. He has breakfast and tea. What I’m wanting to know is with meals such as toast, do I not give a spread? But then I can’t give him spread just by itself?! Same with lentils, do I give those by themselves mushed up? I’m trying to get my head around meals (sandwiches etc) and have got myself worked up worrying that I’m going to have to try each ingredient by itself for four days before combining into a recipe. Trying to find dairy free and tomato free pasta sauces and that’s what also got me thinking about having to try each food separately. It’s been easy so far as I’m giving root veg. He’s fine with white potato, sweet potato, carrots, cauliflower, swede, pear (his favorite), weetabix and I’ve just done day two of chicken. I was going to try egg but I’m going to hold off until I see his nurse (although she isn’t that great and I get more help posting on here!).
I apologise for sounding stupid, I just need a little direction. Thank you!

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lowresidue Sat 28-Jul-18 13:39:26

so he is okay with a meat protein, veg and toast?
I think you can combine them it to meals as you progress.
its not a rush iyswim. and that's a good selection of foods, try some broccoli and other green veg are you going to try lamb next or banana?

I think your instinct to avoid egg as yet may be okay but you do need medical advice.

I suspect though they will say that you wont know until he tries it.

I think you will have to cook your own pasta sauce from scratch.

there are dairy free spreads you can buy, made with sunflower. all highly processed and very low risk if you are worried about sunflower seed allergy, which is very rare. Try not to over think that everything is going to cause a reaction, <been there, got that t-shirt>

have you been referred on to allergy clinic? have you been referred to a dietitian by GP or them?

does your child have good skin re eczema?
everything else ok re tummy etc?

if that's all good, relax a little, although you can get more than one food allergy, humans can eat a vast amount of different foods.
you already have the ok for a simple roast chicken dinner there!

Smellybears Sat 28-Jul-18 15:05:14

I’m waiting for a dietician appointment to come through, his nurse said that it’ll be a while yet though. His next hospital appointment with his nurse is in a couple weeks so I’ll talk to her about egg.
Been to three supermarkets today and none of them had dairy free and soya free yoghurt! Only Alpro, which we’ve been told to hold off soya for now.
His skin is perfect, just one patch of dry raised skin where he had one of his vaccinations.
I’m going to try him on broccoli next, Ive read this can make reflux bad but fingers crossed he will be ok!

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