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Gluton free filo pastry

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bruffin Sun 22-Jul-18 19:34:50

Does anyone know where i can get gluton free filo pastry from. Im near london . I wondered if Wholefoods had it but i cant see it on their website

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Schroedingerscatagain Mon 23-Jul-18 08:16:28

Never seen gf filo pastry or seen adverts for and I attend free from shows, the best you can get is puff pastry as far as I know

bruffin Mon 23-Jul-18 08:28:22

Thanks, was hoping to make greek spinach and feta pie for a party.
I suppose the gluten is important in making the pastry stretchy so it can be rolled so thinly

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bruffin Mon 23-Jul-18 08:54:33

I might make a normal one with filo, then a small one using rice papers they use for spring rolls which seem to be gluten free

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Schroedingerscatagain Mon 23-Jul-18 12:57:48

I have used the rice papers quite successsfully in the past

bruffin Mon 23-Jul-18 13:18:06

thanks, will give the rice papers a go

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