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neocate advance, what size tins?! and is junior different?

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HannahandSeb Mon 21-May-07 12:43:19

Our allergy clinic has decided to move my ds onto neocate advanced from neocate. I went to our Dr this morning to get it changed and they say it only comes in sachets, please say this isn?t true as I will spend my life trying to get repeat prescriptions!! I?ve tried to have a look on the website and neocate junior comes in tins but I have no idea if this is the same stuff re-branded. Our Dr?s aren?t exactly to up to date with severe childhood allergies and specialist milks so any info I can go back to them with would be helpful. Thanks

HannahandSeb Mon 21-May-07 12:43:57

opps sorry about the question marks

kamikayzed Mon 21-May-07 12:45:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

evester Fri 25-May-07 19:40:57

My daughter takes neocate advanced. one sachet makes up a days worth. We get a prescription of 30 sachets each month.

bekkaboo Tue 07-Aug-07 20:31:57

we have been prescribed this for our 12 month old today. We have been given 100 sachets and have been told tins are only available in australia! Instructions say best served chilled... Does anyone know if ok to heat it as no info on boxes? Also is there ay other way to make it up like with normal formula? I just want to make up 8oz bottles with 8 scoops like used too if possible! sorry for all questions!

evester Sat 11-Aug-07 10:16:42

DD takes it heated which is fine to do although it does say served chilled (apparently it is more paletable that way). Don't know about the scoops per ounce but you could make up the sachets as instructed and half the quantity into two (roughly 8 oz) drinks. .think it may be a bit less than that.

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