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Suncream allergy

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theconstantinoplegardener Wed 16-May-18 21:41:08

My DC both get red, itchy patches of eczema within days of suncream season. So far we have tried Soltan Kids and Nivea Sun Kids. I know there are lots more that we could try, but it's expensive and wasteful to be buying lots of different brands and then only using a bit of each bottle. Has anybody had a similar reaction in their DC and found a suncream that was well tolerated?

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Shadowboy Wed 16-May-18 21:43:59

Yes my daughter who is normally fine with anything can’t cope with Nivea. Or banana boat both designed for children. She even gets a swollen face as though she’s been stung.
We found Child’s Farm factor 50 doesn’t cause any reaction. We tried this one because we use their shampoo and bubble bath so thought their formula might suit her as she doesn’t react to any of their other products.

OhHolyJesus Wed 16-May-18 21:49:43

Another one for Child's Farm (available from Ocado) for a toddler sensitive skin (used to have baby eczema easily affected).

LooksBetterWithAFilter Wed 16-May-18 21:51:59

Strangely enough Nivea does it to ds2 as well. Haven’t tried many more piz buin and p20 once a day are fine as is Superdrug own brand.

LooksBetterWithAFilter Wed 16-May-18 21:53:00

Might be worth mentioning as well Superdrug do little pouches of their own brand that are very cheap if you were to try less waste and expense than a full bottle.

picklemepopcorn Wed 16-May-18 21:55:35

Can you ask to borrow all your friends' different bottles (on a non sunny day) and do a patch test?

picklemepopcorn Wed 16-May-18 21:56:02

Or ask the GP for a prescription one.

Kim82 Wed 16-May-18 21:59:26

At the gp where I work it’s often recommended to try Sunsense sun cream for people with very sensitive skin/eczema so that may be worth a try.

Lafraise Wed 16-May-18 22:09:27

Our GP said sunsense (no prescription was offered). Ultrasun works for us but is £££

theconstantinoplegardener Thu 17-May-18 09:18:36

Thanks everybody. Some great suggestions here. I will try them out.

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hungryhippie Tue 29-May-18 07:42:08

Sunsense caused reactions for us, along with every other suncream except the one by Green People. It is mineral based so doesnt contain all the usual chemicals.
We just got back from Corfu. It was 40 degrees and my ginger, pale skinned sun sensitive 3 year old didnt burn at all. Great stuff.

rcb17 Sat 30-Jun-18 11:43:03

This is safe for my very very picky skin!

mswales Sat 30-Jun-18 15:46:00

Same thing happened with my son, he is fine with Green People organic suncream for children.

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