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Baby with peanut allergy

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marthiemoo Mon 14-May-18 09:31:27

Hi everyone. Just looking for a bit of reassurance I guess! DD is 7 months old and on Friday we tried her with a small amount of peanut butter. She had an allergic reaction (hives, rash and facial swelling) and we took her to A&E. (NHS 111 were crap btw, kept asking if she was bleeding or having chest pain hmm and then told us to take her to the GP within 12 hours.) She was given a big dose of Piriton and steroids which stopped the itching, and they kept her in for six hours to monitor. It was definitely not anaphylaxis, which was a little reassuring but I know that doesn't mean it won't be next time. I was completely convinced that she would be allergic to something, she only has mild eczema but I have hayfever, eczema and various mild food allergies so I'd made sure we chose a day when DH was at home and our local urgent care centre was open. DD bounced back well and it didn't seem to scare her at all, which I guess is the only advantage of her being so little and not knowing what was going on.

We've been given an urgent referral to the allergy clinic and presumably will be given an EpiPen (or does it have to involve anaphylaxis to be prescribed one?). And I know that she'll be ok and we'll just get used to handling it. But I feel completely awful and scared. DH is very practical about this stuff, he keeps reminding me that it could have been much worse and at least now we know about it. And she's had a few health scares for things that would have been much worse but thankfully turned out to be fine, so I know I should be grateful that it's reasonably manageable and doesn't affect her day-to-day life at the moment. But it makes me feel so sad and worried that she'll always need to be careful. I was a very anxious child (for non-health reasons) and I want her to be able to be adventurous and brave, not worried. So I guess I'm looking for a bit of reassurance that it will be ok?

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CRosie1312 Tue 15-May-18 14:52:47

Hi hun, I’m 23 and have had a peanut allergy since I was 4. I suppose in a way it’s good I got it so young because it’s always been ‘normal’ for me and you get in the routine of checking labels and asking in restaurants etc....
I managed just fine, my friends at school were fab and wouldn’t bring any peanut products into school and my best friend always does a deep clean of her house before I go round.
My other half is lovely and gave up peanut butter (his favourite food) when he met me and has always been very good at finding out about food and restaurants / takeaways.
Holidays can be a pain but I’ve always managed it with a bit of pre-planning and ringing / emailing ahead.
It’s completley natural for you to worry, I know my mum did a lot when I was little but thankfully apart from my first reaction I haven’t had one since.

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