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I used the wrong butter!!

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Eggzandbacon Wed 11-Apr-18 19:41:20

6 years and I haven’t slipped up. Made DD a sandwich with the wrong butter (she’s coeliac).
The very few times she’s been glutened it takes a day to hit - I’m dreading tonight ☹️.

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picklemepopcorn Wed 11-Apr-18 19:51:32

Argh! Easily done, well done for 6 years without a mistake!

Eggzandbacon Wed 11-Apr-18 19:54:40

Last time (she did it herself) she missed a week of school!

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rupertpenryswife Wed 11-Apr-18 19:56:21

Oh I'm sorry you must feel awful, don't know what to say.

Eggzandbacon Wed 11-Apr-18 20:11:27

It could come to nothing - it’s just a waiting game now. I’m just so stupid.

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picklemepopcorn Wed 11-Apr-18 20:18:08

Don't beat yourself up! It can happen. Is there a way of making it harder to slip up in future? A big sticky label on the tub?

Eggzandbacon Wed 11-Apr-18 20:25:06

There are big stickers on tubs. Hence never doing it before, think head was in the clouds.

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notapizzaeater Wed 11-Apr-18 20:39:36

Hope your LO is ok later,

We have different butter - hubby has Lurpak DS has anchor so we don't ever get them mixed up.

Slievenamon Wed 11-Apr-18 20:41:47

Made DD a sandwich with the wrong butter (she’s coeliac)

Theres no gluten in butter though? confused

DancingLedge Wed 11-Apr-18 20:45:12

Six years without a mistake sounds amazing.

Don't have coeliac family member, but if you don't mind me asking, as I have a friend who I have cooked for.
So is the issue that a particular lot of butter may have been contaminated with breadcrumbs, or is it that some butters are actually not ok for coeliac?

Ridingthegravytrain Wed 11-Apr-18 20:46:19

Slieve it’s Denton cross contamination

Ridingthegravytrain Wed 11-Apr-18 20:46:55

Due to not Denton

DancingLedge Wed 11-Apr-18 20:50:14

I hope this comes across the right way, but can I say, after talking to friend, and just once daring to cook, heart in mouth, I am in awe of people who manage this all the time, particularly alongside non-coeliac family members.

Hassled Wed 11-Apr-18 20:50:44

It's easy enough to do - don't beat yourself up. We have separate jam, butter, peanut butter - anything a bread-crumby knife might conceivably have gone near - with DS2's initial written in Sharpie all over them so I know. I've still managed to cock it up before though.

OokSaidTheLibrarian Wed 11-Apr-18 20:52:45

My ds is coeliac, diagnosed last year. Thankfully no mistakes yet, but given that last year I put my car keys in the fridge, I am surprised I haven't messed up yet smile. I hope your dd is OK, try not to beat yourself up about it, these things happen.

Hassled Wed 11-Apr-18 20:54:01

Dancing - the only real solution is for the whole family to go gluten free. Baking, pasta, even the dreaded yorkshire puddings (I find they're a bastard to make GF) - they're all GF. Bread is our only exception.

Slievenamon Wed 11-Apr-18 20:57:24

We don't do that. We have 2 coeliacs and 4 non coeliacs (one of them dairy free) but we're not all gluten free all the time. We prep in different places in the kitchen, one worktop is GF and one is not.

notapizzaeater Wed 11-Apr-18 20:58:42

Gf Yorkshire's .... never fail.

90g plain gf flour, heaped tablespoon cornflour, 4 eggs, milk to double cream consistency.

Hot oil in tray, cook for about 20mins at 180/190

Taste normal .....

Eggzandbacon Wed 11-Apr-18 21:24:03

we are almost all GF except for bread also. It’s just easier. I especially don’t have normal flour in the house now

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Hassled Wed 11-Apr-18 21:44:21

Thanks notapizzaeater - that's a much higher egg to flour ratio than I've ever used, and that might be the key. I'll definitely give it a go.

Eggzandbacon Fri 13-Apr-18 09:16:10

Just an update - nothing happened!

I’ve totally swerved this one !!

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picklemepopcorn Fri 13-Apr-18 09:22:17

Good news! Is coeliac disease one where the symptoms get worse if you've been GF for a long while, or better? What I mean is, if you've Ben GF for a long while, can you tolerate the odd tiny mistake?

notapizzaeater Fri 13-Apr-18 10:00:58

We can't we got more sensitive

Eggzandbacon Fri 13-Apr-18 14:03:59

Yes definitely get more sensitive. Must have used an uncontaminated area of butter.

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