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Recommendations for holiday abroad with child who has multiple allergies

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Ilovewineandchocolate Tue 27-Mar-18 20:58:59

Hi, am getting s t r e s s e d , as looking for a holiday in Europe. dd2 has multiple allergies so need to have the option of self catering. Would prefer resort as also single parent so like that as feel more secure. Both dds teenagers, who do not do camping! I’d be so grateful for any recommendations , thank you x

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canteatcustard Sun 01-Apr-18 12:09:27

are to planning to cook every meal? its a shame they don't do camping, as euro camp sites are pretty comfortable.
What is your allergy list?
have you got some restaurant translation cards? these work very well.
We used to go to supermarket and but picnic type food for breakfast / lunch during the day and eat out early evening as hotel breakfast had no safe choices for us.
We have been to Italy, France, Spain and USA when our children were young and teens. As allergic adults they have been to other countries with little trouble.
We did more self catering when they were small, but as they got to teens we ate out more, or stuck to macdonald's or other junk food at times.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 02-Apr-18 07:34:41

How did you find the USA canteat? Sorry to jump on your thread Ilovewine smile

canteatcustard Mon 02-Apr-18 23:43:00

usa was ok stuck to similar rules eating out as we do at home.
but have to add only had one allergic child at that time, had to avoid peanut tree nuts, beans, egg, kiwi fruit, and oas fruit list. didn't have to factor in any milk allergy for other child. but have been to Italy and spain with both allergy children iyswim.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 03-Apr-18 09:19:36

Thanks for the reassurance canteat smile

canteatcustard Tue 03-Apr-18 21:06:51

have a fab holiday, from my experience you have a surge of allergy stress before you go, and then once you get on with holiday it gets easier.
translation cards for restaurants or hospital/ doctors <phones have apps that can help as well>

get extra health insurance for peace of mind.

get doctors letter for flight to explain auto injectors and other meds.

stick to similar rules for eating out you do at home, e.g
eat early, as they will have cleaner kitchen, and less people and more time to spend on you as you explain allergies.
pick easy to see meals, so plain food with no thick sauces.

labels in supermarkets in EU often have English on packet.

I had a list of the food in countries language so that any labels without English could be understood by me.

have fun, eat new foods you can eat, often people with allergies are allergic to common foods, so my son was able to try or at least consider eating frogs legs, snails, and new types of fish.
Food is not always the biggest part of a holiday, seeing new wonderful places and learning something new will provide your child with fantastic life experience and build confidence esp with regard to allergy. have a great time.

davidbyrneswhitesuit Tue 03-Apr-18 21:15:22

Lots of good advice above. Just to add some encouragement - I actually feel rather primally panicked before we go off somewhere new, but have learned now that actually it's manageable, and often we've had more free from foods available in big supermarkets than in the UK.

We manage eating out OK, too - there's good general understanding of cross-contamination etc (we've had some slightly odd meals, like the one with vast amounts of octopus and mushrooms as they were the only safe things, but still delicious grin).

Good luck - and enjoy!

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