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Next step Omeprazole???

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user1489931797 Thu 08-Feb-18 06:03:27

Morning everyone how's everyone doing?

I have an 11week old DS past 4 weeks been on nutramigen for suspected not confirmed CMPA and 2/3weeks on ranitidine for definite reflux currently on 3rd dosage increase and it's honestly like being back at square one.

He's crying in pain after feeds and when he brings up milk he brought up atleast 30% of every feed all day yesterday he's very windy both ends and can whimper when expelling burps and gas.

His grandma and grandad looked after him for 4hrs last night as my husband and I had an evening out the house just us first time in 3months.

We came home to his grandparents telling us how they finally understand our concerns that he had been crying in pain pulling up his legs on and off all night, bringing up clear spit up sometimes milk in it but had drained 2bottles with minimal spit up and no sick but was still upset and and uncomfortable.

FIL use to work in pharmaceutical's for Drs and hospitals and so understand drugs what they do and therefore health problems and the symptoms etc he said looking at him and seeing his discomfort believes it's severe reflux and it's like he's wincing in pain when bringing up feed like acid making him have burning sensation and that's why he's crying maybe ?! They agreed it's not normal and he's not a happy chappy.

In a weird way a good thing because when so close to a problem day in day out battling against GP you start to get paranoid you are overreacting!

The dr calling me tomorrow to discuss how he's been after latest increase and next steps she mentioned adding an anti sickness medicine but I don't think that's the right move.

Would it be Omeprazole or push for change in formula and add thickener to see if that changes anything first before bringing another medicine change/into the mix

Remember still don't really know for sure if dealing with CMPA but for sure reflux is if issue.


EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Mon 12-Feb-18 16:37:04

So sorry to here that your DS is struggling so much. How did the discussion go with your GP?

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