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Holiday destinations for hayfever

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MsButterfly Fri 05-Jan-18 15:05:41

I suffer from horrendous debilitating hayfever which only began in 2011, after my first son was born, and got worse every year until the point where I just want to fast forward through April - August. I was referred for immunotherapy and started Grazax a year ago but was too allergic even for that so had to stop.

Had a total revelation last July, in the middle of my hayfever peak as we were in Majorca was 10 days and I had no hayfever symptoms at all. Even more I felt reset so the rest of July / start of August was ten times more manageable than usual.

Looking into a holiday for this summer, same time, and the first criteria for me is low grass pollen and/or little to no hayfever reactions but the web is surprisingly bereft on the topic. I found one good webpage ( but nothing else.

Considering France (West Coast seems better but how better?) and Amsterdam - would be so grateful for any hayfever experiences from those who suffer badly with it! Or any experiences of countries in Europe at the start of July.


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SealSong Fri 05-Jan-18 15:10:36

It's possible that you may not be allergic to the types of pollen in other countries anyway.

But, a warm country may have had the flowering and pollen setting season earlier, in spring, so there may be less pollen around particularly towards the end of the summer when things are dry. Greece may be a good bet. Crete?

MsButterfly Fri 05-Jan-18 15:37:46

Thanks SealSong! Very good point, although so hard to know until you are there. I know Canaries are good as no peak season and Balearics also worked for me. We'd go again except our youngest has just turned 2 so we no longer fit in a standard family of four room which seems to have increased the cost of a week by about 60% which is just bad value. France and the Netherlands (eurocamps, centreparcs) consider an under 3 an infant which makes a huge difference. Must check re Crete!

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bedtimestories Wed 10-Jan-18 23:39:26

I have bad hay fever and require medication 24/7, I have never suffered abroad, flying east or west

maribananas Sun 14-Jan-18 19:59:17

Hi. I've suffered really badly over the years also with my hay fever. I found out of all the countries I have travelled to, Florida was the best for my hay fever. I didn't suffer at all. I think this is due to the fact that the grass and trees over there have a different pollen! Hoping for a pollen free 2018

woosey35 Mon 22-Jan-18 17:27:34

Me too!! Hideous hay fever with so many meds!! I’ve flown all over the world and always get relief when abroad!! Even thought of emigrating!!

MsButterfly Thu 01-Feb-18 16:15:22

Thanks all! I guess it's trial and error - but you've helped give me hope that abroad might be ok wherever we go smile

Just dread the idea of paying a lot of money and then dying with gloopy streaming itchy lumpy eyes while 3 children are wanting to be outdoors all the time!

If anyone has any specific hayfever experience with France and Holland let me know! Or tips for anywhere!

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bedtimestories Sat 14-Apr-18 23:46:17

I was fine in holland, never been to France

Cric Sun 15-Apr-18 07:52:28

I have suffered from hay fever in France. Asia I was fine, Southern Europe I was fine. Good luck!

Cric Sun 15-Apr-18 07:53:17

But as others say, it will depend on the pollen you are allergic. We may have different triggers.

Cric Sun 15-Apr-18 07:53:20

But as others say, it will depend on the pollen you are allergic. We may have different triggers.

Mistigri Sun 15-Apr-18 08:15:49

I'm allergic to a wide range of pollens.

I now live in France and am mostly OK, but when I was younger and holidaying here regularly I had some pretty bad hay fever reactions (requiring cortisone).

Depends which pollens you are most allergic to and when you are travelling. If grass pollens, then choose somewhere dry and it shouldn't be a problem at the height of summer. You might be OK on the west coast depending on how close to the coast you stay and the exact location - parts of that coast are mostly dunes and pines, Somewhere on the Med might work too as it is very arid in summer.

Mistigri Sun 15-Apr-18 08:20:17

This site might help:

Current map is for April.

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