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CMPA- Althera and Pepti refusal

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Swizzlegiggle Thu 07-Dec-17 08:11:51

DD2 7 weeks has recently been diagnosed with CMPA. At 2 weeks she was put onto Aptamil Pepti after appearing unsettled after feeding.
After a few weeks she started fussing with the bottle and refusing feeds. As she was so young when she went onto Pepti we tried Aptamil comfort formula which she was on for 2 weeks. The day we put her onto it she came out in a rash but took it happily we thought we could live with that but as time went on she started to have huge vomits, terrible smelling wind, coughing and retching all the time. I tried putting her back onto Pepti and she point blank refused.
I went to the GP on Monday who has prescribed her Althera which is supposedly more palatable than some of the other formulas. They also referred us to hospital as they were concerned about her breathing. We have been told to stop the comfort with immediate effect and transfer her onto Althera. Since we started she has refused nearly every bottle since we started. She screams because she is hungry but when presented with the bottle she will not suck no matter how persistent we are. Sometimes she screams for up to 45 mins in hunger and at the taste of the formula and will eventually go to sleep. I'm getting by my dream feeding her although she appears to be getting wise to this. We are doing the oral desensitisation techniques and stroking her face etc but she is even getting panicked by a dummy.
I am at my wits end. My eldest who is 3 also had CMPA and it was dreadful. We had multiple hospital admissions as she tumbled down the centiles. She would scream in pain for hours every night. We tried Pepti and Nutramigen to no avail eventually she was put onto Neocate but refused to drink it and eventually refused everything by mouth and was tube fed for a year.
I am literally terrified for DD2 and am close to tears. I've tried nesquick and icing sugar in her bottle to no avail. I have a child who is crying in hunger and won't drink. I know this doesn't last forever but I am feeling so low. I feel such a failure and I'm at my wits end.
Sorry for the long post any tips or even just a hand hold will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you x

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Fri 08-Dec-17 20:35:51

Can’t offer much advice, but have you tried adding vanilla extract? Have you tried finger feeding too?

Other than that, I would get yourself to the GP.

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