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CMPA- Althera and Pepti refusal

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Swizzlegiggle Thu 07-Dec-17 08:11:51

DD2 7 weeks has recently been diagnosed with CMPA. At 2 weeks she was put onto Aptamil Pepti after appearing unsettled after feeding.
After a few weeks she started fussing with the bottle and refusing feeds. As she was so young when she went onto Pepti we tried Aptamil comfort formula which she was on for 2 weeks. The day we put her onto it she came out in a rash but took it happily we thought we could live with that but as time went on she started to have huge vomits, terrible smelling wind, coughing and retching all the time. I tried putting her back onto Pepti and she point blank refused.
I went to the GP on Monday who has prescribed her Althera which is supposedly more palatable than some of the other formulas. They also referred us to hospital as they were concerned about her breathing. We have been told to stop the comfort with immediate effect and transfer her onto Althera. Since we started she has refused nearly every bottle since we started. She screams because she is hungry but when presented with the bottle she will not suck no matter how persistent we are. Sometimes she screams for up to 45 mins in hunger and at the taste of the formula and will eventually go to sleep. I'm getting by my dream feeding her although she appears to be getting wise to this. We are doing the oral desensitisation techniques and stroking her face etc but she is even getting panicked by a dummy.
I am at my wits end. My eldest who is 3 also had CMPA and it was dreadful. We had multiple hospital admissions as she tumbled down the centiles. She would scream in pain for hours every night. We tried Pepti and Nutramigen to no avail eventually she was put onto Neocate but refused to drink it and eventually refused everything by mouth and was tube fed for a year.
I am literally terrified for DD2 and am close to tears. I've tried nesquick and icing sugar in her bottle to no avail. I have a child who is crying in hunger and won't drink. I know this doesn't last forever but I am feeling so low. I feel such a failure and I'm at my wits end.
Sorry for the long post any tips or even just a hand hold will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you x

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Fri 08-Dec-17 20:35:51

Can’t offer much advice, but have you tried adding vanilla extract? Have you tried finger feeding too?

Other than that, I would get yourself to the GP.

skinade Wed 31-Oct-18 16:26:20

Looking for advice on SMA Althéra... did this resolve for you?

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 31-Oct-18 20:21:02

skin if you @ the OP, she should get a message saying you’ve posted then if she’s still around she may come back smile

skinade Wed 31-Oct-18 22:46:07

@Swizzlegiggle did SMA Althéra work for you? My son has just been prescribed it. Thank you

skinade Wed 31-Oct-18 22:46:36

@JiltedJohnsJulie thank you! Getting that hang of the app now 😃

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 01-Nov-18 02:24:05

No problem smile

Daisychainsandglitter Thu 01-Nov-18 05:43:04

Hi @Skinade- it wasn't something we had much success with and I don't think it's a formula that is commonly prescribed. My understanding is that it's supposed to be more palatable than Nutramigen and Neocate which are the alternatives. If your DC is having trouble with the taste the commonly known things to put into it are nesquick and vanilla extract gradually reducing the amounts until it's drank neat. In the end we went cold turkey and offered it her neat and after a few v stressful weeks she drank it.
Although my DD's symptoms eased (the colic went but the excema and terrible nappies continued) on Althera, they didn't resolve and after a couple of months she was put onto an amino acid formula called Neocate which did the trick.
I hope the Althera works for you and your DC feels better on it. I remember what a stressful time it was. Good luck!

Daisychainsandglitter Thu 01-Nov-18 05:43:43

Ah name change fail! Nevermind!

skinade Thu 01-Nov-18 07:30:24

@Daisychainsandglitter thank you so much for responding. It's been less than 24 hours for us so far but I'm hopeful. I know the AA formulas are the next step if he does not settle on this. He doesn't have any rashes etc just upset tummy and not wanting to drink because he is quite literally full of poop! I spend my whole life waiting and praying that he goes to the toilet 🤦🏽‍♀️. Thanks again!

giantbanger Thu 01-Nov-18 07:33:20

One of the things with Neocate or Pepti is to give them quite hit comoaredmto normal formula.

Hope you,get it,sorted.

giantbanger Thu 01-Nov-18 07:33:54

Oh fart.

Quite hot compared to

And remove the random commas.

Daisychainsandglitter Thu 01-Nov-18 08:28:20

@Skinade- no problem. If I can help answer any other questions as you go along please let me know. I remember feeling so anxious when I was going through it so I really hope you get it sorted. I can relate to the feeling of waiting until they poo too and the stomach aches that accompanied it!
I'm pretty sure it takes approx 2 weeks for the cows milk to get out of their system so it may be awhile until everything comes out his system and the Althera starts doing its job.
Saying that, my DD's symptoms all but disappeared entirely within 3 days of being put into Neocate.
I would keep going with the Althera for a few weeks and if his symptoms don't improve, then it might be worth seeing if you can try an AA formula.
Good luck! X

skinade Thu 01-Nov-18 09:13:22

@giantbanger thanks for the message. Is there a reason the Hydrolyzed milk needs to be given warmer? No one mentioned this to me! Thanks

skinade Thu 01-Nov-18 09:15:09

@Daisychainsandglitter thank you so much. It's taken a long 4 months to get here and he just won't drink because he is constipated all the time. Having said that, we have had some movement this morning so I hope that it's slowly doing it's job. I think I will try to increase scoops today, maybe 4 Althéra and 2 of the old stuff to try and move things along. I really appreciate your help! It's been so stressful as you say 😶

giantbanger Thu 01-Nov-18 09:15:36

I don't know - I don't remember - I think from memory the nurses told us it was a tip to get the baby to take it - we were struggling. Also cut a hole in the teat and got it down quick but that wasn't advised by anyone, that was desperation.

skinade Thu 01-Nov-18 09:15:41

@Daisychainsandglitter 🤗

skinade Thu 01-Nov-18 09:23:05

@giantbanger ok thanks. Did the milk resolve the issues for you?

Daisychainsandglitter Thu 01-Nov-18 11:38:33

@Skinade I'm glad things seem to be moving along. Fingers crossed once he figures out that the milk isn't going to give him a stomach ache he starts to drink a little more.
If your baby will drink more with a bigger teat like a PP said, you can get more down him quicker. I did try that but DD2 was very young when I tried and I don't think she was able to cope with the flow but as your little boy is a little older this could be a good idea.
With DD1 we used to give her bottle very hot but she had thickener called carobel in to make the milk stay down and it just wouldn't come out of the bottle unless it was v hot. Playing around with the temperature could be a good option. I've heard some babies take to prescription formulas better if it's hotter or freezing cold from the fridge. It's whatever suits your baby and unfortunately there's a lot of trial and error.
In the end with DD2, we started weaning her from 4 months with guidance from the dietician and once she worked out that food tasted nice she was much more accepting of the bottle. She only has a bedtime bottle of Neocate now and she absolutely loves it. Starts getting cross as she's so desperate to have it now which is something I never thought I'd see. So it does get easier. Hang in there!

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