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Similac Alimentum Someone please help/advise?!

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Taylorsej17 Fri 01-Dec-17 21:27:52

Hi, I'm pretty new to posting but I could really do with some advise, information or just anyone who has had a similar experience and can offer any help.

So from about 2 weeks old we've been back and forth to the Dr's with our little girl. At first it was just a rough case of colic, try infacol/anti colic bottles if you want but she'll just grow out of it. Fine, okay we can deal with that.
We were on Cow & Gate stage 1 regular formula at first and at 3 weeks old were told she had reflux as well as the colic, which I suspected (dd1 had reflux... Similar symptoms here but much worse) we were given gaviscon and sent on out way.
Gaviscon did absolutely nothing except for make her sick lumpy (whereas gaviscon helped dd1 immeasurably and almost immediately) so we went back to the GP. Try comfort milk they suggested. We did, she vomited more than ever, so back again... This time we were told to try anti reflux (stay down) formula-whenever we tried a medicated formula we stuck to cow and gate- day 1 and 2 of the Anti-reflux milk, Anti colic bottles and infacol combo went great. Then she was back to vomiting after every feed-not possetting, she's my 4th baby, I knew the sick wasn't normal-so back to the GP again (all this in the space of a out 3 weeks) now my ds2 was lactose intolerant and given everything we had tried and the fact dd2 was still throwing up loads constantly I was beginning to suspect similar.
Our GP referred us to Paeds. During the wit for paeds appointment we kept her on anti reflux milk but 3 times during the wait she threw up, except didn't spit it out, tried to swallow it back, choked on her sick and almost stopped breathing. (one morning I left her in her crib and went to make a bottle and came back to find her with sick pouring from her nose, choking and barely breathing and had to stick my fingers down her throat to clear her)
Anyway, this morning was our paeds appointment. The paediatrician suspects Cows milk protein allergy and has prescribed similac Alimentum so far today she has had 3 bottles of this (although has gone from her 6oz of the anti reflux milk to only 3oz of the similac) she is incredibly unsettled and throwing up more than she was on the anti reflux milk (in fact probably more than she ever has) is this normal? Is it because it's a new formula and different brand, is it because her body is getting rid of all the previous cows milk formula? How long do I persevere with her like this before going back to the GP? Is this to be expected?

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Taylorsej17 Fri 01-Dec-17 21:41:36

Edit: I've not left her on her own anywhere since the choking incident, I felt terrible and I'm now petrified to even lay her down and she comes everywhere with me constantly.

Also any help, advise, just reassurance that this will get better. Anything. Would be much appreciated!

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sat 02-Dec-17 05:06:02

That sounds rather scary. How is she tonight Taylor? Is she anymore settled?

Taylorsej17 Sat 02-Dec-17 21:05:12

No not at all, she's not been too bad through the day. Sicky but cheerful. She's pooped a slimy green delight and had a bath (which she screamed through, and she'd just stopped screaming during bathtime) she's thrown up that much I've no clean t-shirts left and she's not settling to sleep.
When she does sleep she's sleeping longer than normal but she's only taking 3oz still rather than her usual 6oz of the anti reflux.
I know some stomach upset is to be expected having changed formulas etc but I didn't think the vomiting would be quite to this extreme

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 03-Dec-17 12:57:32

Is the formula that’s she’s on an amino acid based formula or hydrolysed dairy?

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