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Formaldehyde in clothes

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DelphiniumBlue Sat 11-Nov-17 17:08:40

My DH has developed eczema- like symptoms on his legs, and we think it could be related to the formaldehyde that is coated on to most jeans.
I'm trying to find jeans that don't have this, but they are very hard to track down - the only ones he's found are around 250 pounds!
Does anyone know any stockists, or got any tips / hints to help deal with this?
He doesn't really want the silk long johns I have suggested as a barrier, as he hates being hot.

ppeatfruit Wed 15-Nov-17 09:46:59

Does he only have the eczema before washing the jeans? Because normal washing should remove the treatment. Though of course it could be the detergent or softener. that you both use.

I used to get it before stopping eating oranges and tomatoes.

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