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Is it likely DD2 has CMPA too?

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Swizzlegiggle Fri 03-Nov-17 16:27:18

DD2 was born two and a half weeks ago and we are becoming concerned that she is starting to show signs of a milk allergy like DD1.
She is FF and when first born was taking her bottles normally. DH and I were so relieved after what we went through the first time.
However each day she is taking less and less bottle and it now seems as though she is taking the bare minimum to get by. She is 9lbs 5 and has gone down to around 60mls every 4 hours. The bottle seems to be upsetting her and she is arching her back and crying throughout feeds. Winding her takes forever and even when we get burps up they don’t seem to be making her comfortable. She roots but then has started to refuse the bottle. She is also constipated and this seems to be making her very uncomfortable.
We are terrified of going down the CMPA path again. It took months of faltering growth, excema,severe sickness and diorrhea to get DD1 diagnosed and even then it took 6 months to find a milk she could tolerate. When she was eventually put onto Neocate which she could tolerate she hated it and refused to drink it and ended up hospitalised several times.
My question is does this sound like the start of CMPA or are me and DH so worried about it are we looking for signs and is this a normal windy baby?
Does anyone have children where the second child also had CMPA. Any advice gratefully received.
Thank you.

sentenceinterrupted Sat 04-Nov-17 07:23:35

Dc2 severe allergies.
Dc3 started showing all the signs (but not as severe). I was BF. I cut out culprits (multiple) for a short time but then followed the EAT schedule. She now eats anything and is fine, but she is not growing as well as her brothers (tall Dad and dc2 was super short until I identified final non ige allergens when he finally started growing properly).

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