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Allergy to fish just got scary, advice please.

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fleshmarketclose Thu 02-Nov-17 12:38:34

Dd has had an allergy to fish since her first taste of fish fingers as a baby, she is now 14. Her first reaction resulted in facial swelling and hives and left her with awful eczema for a while and needed an anti histamine and adrenalin jab and later a check on her kidney function but it hasn't been too difficult to manage.
GP at the time said it was a severe reaction to a mouthful of fish fingers and we should be wary.
Dd has been fine ever since although she has never eaten any fish or touched any in 14 years but has been fine when I've cooked fish and if others have eaten fish in the same room.
Last night I cooked fish whilst she was in the bath after she had eaten, she came down complaining of an allergic reaction so gave anti histamines and she was ok although it had flared the eczema.Dd said it was the fish,I thought it might have been bath products even though they were her "safe" ones but it calmed and we creamed the eczema and I made a mental note about the bath products.
Gave dd more antihistamines before she left for school and she was ok. Within the hour school contacted me to say dd was having another allergic reaction to her school bag so they had bagged it up and given her a carrier bag and were monitoring things and had alerted medical staff but there was a slight smell of fish on the bag from my cooking last night and were assuming that was the trigger.
To be clear the bag wasn't in the same room as where I cooked or ate fish so it can only be a trace of odour on the bag so now I'm worried. I will get her to the GP obviously but wondering how I am going to manage this.
I obviously won't cook or eat fish in the home ever again. I'm sat with the windows open and have deep cleaned the kitchen and dining room but how do I keep dd away from even the aroma of fish?

Schroedingerscatagain Thu 02-Nov-17 22:48:27

As a mum of a DS with a severe shell fish allergy and an anaphylaxis sufferer myself I know how scary it can be

If your dd doesn’t already carry an epipen then I think it’s time for a return to your gp and allergy specialist

In the meantime for safety purposes you need to not have any fish products in the house

Fish allergies are in a small group that can cause reaction as the protein is carried in steam particles that become airborne when cooking

You need to be aware of this when eating out as it is possible to have a reaction in restaurants with open kitchens

fleshmarketclose Fri 03-Nov-17 00:09:06

Thank you that's really helpful, It sounds like me cooking and the steam from the bathroom combined to trigger her last night. She doesn't carry an epipen yet as we have been fortunate in so far as completely avoiding eating and touching fish has been successful so far but that appears to have changed.I had hoped that dd would outgrow her allergy as ds did his but it appears not and it seems much worse when it's not just as simple as not eating or touching something it's like I've lost the control to keep her safe.

Schroedingerscatagain Fri 03-Nov-17 11:11:32

It is scary at first but I promise you as time goes on it gets easier

Between myself dd and DS we are all severe coeliacs, I have a nut allergy DS has a shellfish allergy and I have 2 non food anaphylactic allergies too

You adapt, we still eat a fantastic diet and both teens learn what to avoid

That said please take her to the gp, fish allergies are often very severe and she may need an epipen

You can get further support and guidance for the anaphylaxis campaign

babybarrister Sun 05-Nov-17 13:41:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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