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Constant sneezing

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jayne1384 Tue 31-Oct-17 22:36:56

Hello! I can’t take all the sneezing anymore! It seemed to started out of no where about 2 years ago! No rash, Itching or any other symptoms, just really forceful sneezing, I tried antihistamines, all brands ad even prescription ones, tried nasal sprays, got a dehumidifier for the bedroom, even sneeze when on holiday , so thought it must be somthing like washing power, I’ve used Ariel for years as year I’m 35, I’ve just switched to fairy non bio made the slightest bit of difference but somthing not , ugh I just can’t take it! I’ve had allergy tests came back negative to everything but slight reaction to grass? I’ve always lived on a farm, and even when I went away on a cruise it was the same!

Any ideas? 🤧

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sat 11-Nov-17 12:43:56

CANt think of anything really but it might be worth swapping to a different washing brand altogether. I use Lidl non-bio.

ppeatfruit Sat 18-Nov-17 11:38:27

Dairy milk or other ? I get terrible sneezing when I have some and I know it's that because I don'y usually have it.

tootfox Sat 18-Nov-17 11:56:44

Hi there, you sneeze when you have milk? I’ve not thought of that! I was having some malteasers last night and it got sooooo bad, is there dairy in malteasers xx

ppeatfruit Sat 18-Nov-17 13:08:24

Hi, yes all chocolates that are 'milk' have it! You can get lovely dairy free chocs now. It's called Moo Free! I have to read the labels, boring but it's better than allergic reactions!

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