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Epipen/ Emerade pen shortage

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Cheeseismyweakness Wed 18-Oct-17 00:55:55

Anyone else struggling to get hold of adrenaline pens at the moment? Apparent there is a supply/ manufacturing issue, and no local pharmacies where I live seem to have any Epipens or Emerade pens in stock.
...which is a total bummer as ours have just expired. I’ve been attempting to get hold of them for the last couple of months.
What is not helpful is that in addition to the 2 we keep at home, school request a further 4 for DS!! (One for each side of the school, and 2 for the first aid kit which travels off site with him to matches etc)..
It’s about time schools were permitted to hold a set number of epipens for use by whoever might need them. Requiring 4 Per child with severe allergy- it’s no wonder the manufacturers can’t keep up with demand..
Anyone have any ideas as to obtaining them elsewhere?!

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