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switching BF 6 months old to Neocate

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MamaBjorn Sun 08-Oct-17 11:35:53

My 6 months old exvlusively BF boy is suffering from suspected CMPA with a varying degrees of symptoms. I've been on a total elimination diet for months but symptoms whilst at first got better are now returning. I've eliminated all dairy and soy and egg. Thinking about eliminating all nuts and grains.
Paediatrician wants me to stop BF and move to Neocate. We tried Nutramigen a few times and baby just refuses it. I'm very unhappy about stopping BF but understand that may be best for my baby.
Had anyone got experience of this and how did you manage to get your LO to take a bottle AND a foul smelling and tasting formula like Neocate?
Thank you x

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Tue 10-Oct-17 19:03:48

Not really but I didn’t want you to go unanswered. Having said that, yiu might not need to introduce a bottle, have you thought about trying a cup? Have you tried adding vanilla extract to the formula?

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