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Allergy testing

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Tttaylor Tue 03-Oct-17 15:16:28

Little bit of background....

Eczema since 8 weeks old and colic
Using hydrocortisone and emoliant since then.
Referred to pediatricion after blood/mucous in poo
Prescribed skinnies stronger hydrocortisone and pepti formula
Wouldn't drink pepti (reflux spitting up and refusing) so took to comfort milk.

Weaning started at 6 months : yoghurt ( started pooping like a newborn lots of mucous)
Banana (blotchy face)
Cooked tomatoes ( contact redness)

Strong Family history of asthma eczema hayfever and allergies

Ok so my lb has been quite poorly the last 2 weeks with an ongoing cough been to doctors told its viral. I gave him his first taste of weetabix for breakfast a few days ago and throughout the day came up in the most awful rash all over nappy area and his trunk. Went to doctors told he has throat infection and rash is viral will last 2-3 days 5 days in the rash couldnt be any worse and has completely spread his eczema which has mostly been under control for months has flared up and so took him back to doctor. Really patronising was only interested in the state of gis eczema and wasnt convinced i was taking care of it properly given 5 tubs of emoilant for each room in the house as 'the problem is if the creams in another room parents cant be bothered getting it' 😡😡😡 hes seeing a dermotologist and ive had it completely under control for ages now. Ive mentioned loads of times about my worries with allergies and ive been scoffed at being told its cruel to test a baby for allergys and babies are sensitive hel grow out of it if he has any allergies and mucous in poo doesnt mean anything.

I have no idea whether this rash is anything to do with his first taste of wheat or judt coincidence and theres only so many times i can give him a break from foods that i think hes reacting to and introducing it again for him to go through the reactions again.

What is everybody elses experiance?
Has anybody else managed to get there babies tested?

canteatcustard Tue 03-Oct-17 23:10:38

Can you see another GP and ask for a referral to a allergy clinic?

Tttaylor Wed 04-Oct-17 08:32:59

Ive seen 3 different doctors each time over the course of the last 2 weeks and they all have there own opinion on whats wrong with him and they all seem to be along the same lines of 'he looks like hes thriving its nothing to worry about' (he goes very quiet and well behaved in the doctors office) he was given an inhaler for his cough during his last appointment as its been lingering for so long and told he will more than likely be asthmatic with having eczema and myself having asthma so i dont understand why they cant see hes more than likely going to have a food allergy if he has eczema and an inhaler and im reluctant to book another appointment if its going to end up with them having me down as being a neurotic mother. I was already made to feel like a bad mother for asking to get him tested at 8 months old

sentenceinterrupted Thu 05-Oct-17 22:03:30

I was fobbed off until my ds's face swelled like a balloon.

sentenceinterrupted Thu 05-Oct-17 22:05:08

Sorry ... that probably doesn't help sad. I did what I knew was best anyway and they finally agreed with me (after the face swelling and resultant allergy testing)

irvineoneohone Thu 05-Oct-17 22:33:01

We had battled through to my ds get tested. He had eczema since 1 week old, but didn't get tested until 8 months old. GP were crap. We finally got referred to allergy clinic in local hospital, but they were equally crap.
We got lucky(not really) when he was referred to London hospital for other issue when he was 2, they referred us straight to allergy clinic.

He had bad eczema around nappy area, not because he had viral something, but allergens are in his poo! That was so obvious to me, but gp never listened.

Tbh, ds didn't really mind getting tested for allergy when he was younger, either blood test or skin prick test. Suffering from tummy aches/explosive diarrhea/ horrible eczema constantly seems worse than that.

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