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Anyone else using aldi mamia nappies having this problem?

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ProfessorSillyStuff Fri 08-Sep-17 15:28:24

I have 2ds aged 6 weeks and 17 months. Younger baby had a rash for 4 weeks, it's only just gone with lots of baths and metanium and looked like hundreds of tiny dots, especially around the leg area. I didn't think much of it (as he was pooping after every feed!) I figured it would settle down at 6 weeks or so and it did.
However dc1 who never gets nappy rash anymore had no rash this morning, have just changed him and it's everywhere! Entire nappy area covered in 1000's of tiny red dots, especially around the outside (leg openings area) and couple larger red sore patches on scrotum sad
He's been in mamia nappies for ages and never had any issues before, he had pooped but only seconds before I changed him, and the rash looks just like my youngest's, who is also in mamia nappies. I have never seen such a severe rash or one that appeared so quick and it made me wonder if it could be a dodgy batch or if they have changed the nappy "formula"

Anyone else using aldi mamia nappies having this problem?


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iver Fri 08-Sep-17 15:53:05

ive had a pack where there was loads of hard dried glue in the nappies, it left a red mark on dd. could it be something like that do you think?

ProfessorSillyStuff Fri 08-Sep-17 17:20:18

Exactly , it looks like an allergic reaction to some chemical! I'm wondering if it could just be one nappy, the whole batch or a whole 'recipe' change iykwim! Giving ds2 nappy free time now. He's only had bepanthan on there and nothing else has changed like laundry powder, bath product etc. Puzzled!

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monkeygambler Sat 21-Oct-17 19:21:12

Yes, I've recently found the same thing after 11 months of using Mamia nappies without at previous problems.

ProfessorSillyStuff Sat 21-Oct-17 21:52:25

Wow, i noticed my son xame up in a major rash and he hadnt even peed ib the nappy yet! So, like you do, i sniffed the nappy... it smelled like an old hobo! You know THAT smell like someone who hasnt washed for a year! Maybe the paper wasnt recycled correctly? I have been sniffing them all before i put them on now!

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