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Gluten and lactose sensitivity (adult)

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WiseDad Sun 24-Sep-17 19:52:28

I am very sensitive to gluten but get worse than just bloating.

Anyway the point is that if you feel better on a gluten free diet then why don't you just Do It? It is easier than it used to be and provided you don't travel in Asia much it is quite simple.

Eating out is more tricky but it sounds like you can tolerate some cross contamination so why not just go GF by skipping bread, pasta, pizza etc and accept the low level gluten in soy sauce etc?

Shumpalumpa Wed 06-Sep-17 01:38:44

Hi, I'm senstitive to gluten and lactose because I experience bloating and flatulence after eating gluten/dairy. The flatulence can go on for hours after consuming gluten and lactose products. I also suffer often constipation amd have IBS symptons.

I went gluten and lactose free for 3 months 3 years ago and noticed a huge improvement.

I've had lots of tests, including a colonoscopy, an endoscopy and an MRI (because I have always been very anaemic (7 was the diagnosis).but the gastroenterologist could find no reason for why I have these sensitivies. I'm not Coeliac.

My question now is whether I accept that I can't eat gluten and lactose foods without terrible flatulence and bloating, or whether I should give up these foods.

I don't want to damage my body by eating these foods but I also don't want to limit myself to non gluten and non dairy if I don't need to.

Would be great to hear what others senstive to gluten and dairy do.

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