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Can't wear wedding ring as come out in a rash help!

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HonorMatopoeia Thu 29-Mar-07 17:35:25

I've not been able to wear my engagement or wedding ring for nearly two years now. Everytime I do my finger is soon red raw and covered in excema. I wonder if I'm allergic to the gold in particular and if so is there anything I can buy to coat the inside of the ring so I can wear it again?

CadburyCremeSquonk Thu 29-Mar-07 17:49:42

oh god, poor you. I am allergic to lots of metals, but gold is not one of them, so my advice might be complete bunkum.

In my experience, coating the metal may help for a couple of days, but no longer. The only thing that I have found that does help is to sew material over the offending bit of metal. This works on a belt buckle, or a watch, but not so good on an engagement/wedding ring.

Is it that you are allergic to the gold, or could it be that you are getting it wet underneath and that is what is irritating your skin? You could try putting talc on before your rings and just seeing if that helps. Other than that, I'm sorry, I don't know.

OrvilleRedenbacher Thu 29-Mar-07 17:50:39

aha i haev a 18? carat one
and it makes my finger balck somtiems
the woman in the shop said i was prob allergic to one of the alloys

it seems to be worse after a ngiht out( booze? sweat>)

HonorMatopoeia Thu 29-Mar-07 17:57:56

Thanks cadbury, I'm not certain I'm allergic to the gold, do you get that checked out at the doctors? I don't seem to be allergic to it anywhere else though (i.e. necklaces or earrings) so I suppose an allergy is unlikely? I suffer from excema so am fastidious about drying my fingers and the ring after washing my hands. Could try talc as well, hadn't thought of that.

HonorMatopoeia Thu 29-Mar-07 17:59:00

Orville, yes, mine is worse when it's hot certainly - hadn't thought of the alloys either, can't think what carat it is, but they'd be in there somewhere wouldn't they?

CadburyCremeSquonk Thu 29-Mar-07 18:00:35

I never had my allergies checked out at the docs. I get rashes from the studs on my jeans, I get them from belt buckles, earrings, watches.... anything that isn't solid gold or plastic (guess what I've got more of )

The thing about not getting rashes anywhere else could just be that the metal is not on your skin for long enough - necklaces do move around.

If earrings don't bother you, I would say it's something else and you're not allergic.

HonorMatopoeia Thu 29-Mar-07 18:05:42

Thanks cadbury, I may ask at the doctors to see if it is worth getting to see someone. I miss wearing my wedding ring!

OrvilleRedenbacher Thu 29-Mar-07 18:14:55

it sme cod

HonorMatopoeia Thu 29-Mar-07 18:16:09

Aha! Yes, in retrospect it was either you or someone with good mimic style typing!!

keySensitiveJewellery Sun 30-Apr-17 20:40:27

one of the main irritants that can cause localised skin problems of itching and swelling is nickel. Please note a list of allergens to jewellery is non-exhaustive! Nickel is one of the most common allergens in jewellery ( it’s also used in 9ct and 18ct gold). Titanium is a possible alternative, Anyway please look at our Blog:
Hope this helps,

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