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Is this right?

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Waterlow Thu 13-Jul-17 12:36:58

I work in the infant side of a primary school. A child with severe nut allergy is starting Reception in September. SLT are considering telling staff not to eat or handle nuts at home before they come to school.

What do you think? Obviously we must look after the children, and this might be worth considering for the class teacher and TA, but across the board? OTOH because of the way staffing works, any of us might come into contact with the child. OTOH again, can the school tell staff what they may or may not have for breakfast or feed their children at home?

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hrfvenia Thu 13-Jul-17 12:50:18

I think the at home part is on the extreme side of things, but better to be cautious..

Nuts are one of the worst allergies because they stay in the air, e.g. When you breathe.

If you had nuts for breakfast and then breathed on/near the child as they walked into school there's a chance it could cause a reaction. And really, for the safety of a child (have you ever seen an anaphylactic shock occur? It's horrific) what would it matter to not have nuts for breakfast? I don't know anybody that does have nuts, apart from possibly muesli?

I can see both sides but I would be inclined to just go along with the no nuts, for safety reasons.

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