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Is tree pollen about already?

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Berrie Thu 22-Mar-07 14:34:44

Had to use my inhaler today for first time this year. Has anyone else just started to suffer?

Gingermonkey Thu 22-Mar-07 14:44:54

Yep. I'm taking anti-hist already and I'm starting to feel wheezy when it's sunny. Today I'm ok, it's nice and damp! .

bozza Thu 22-Mar-07 14:52:12

DS suffered with this last year but have not noticed anything yet this year.

bundle Thu 22-Mar-07 14:53:26

oh yes, there are many many diff pollens and if they don't get you, the tree moulds are always there in the autumn just to mess you up too

Berrie Thu 22-Mar-07 15:07:43

oh joy!

Gingermonkey Thu 22-Mar-07 17:52:02

I get hayfever pretty much all through the year now, tree pollen in the spring, flower and grass in the summer, then fungal spores in the autumn.

GinaVauxhall Thu 22-Mar-07 17:57:11

In london and already noticing a very fuzzy head and whizzines. Bah!

bundle Thu 22-Mar-07 17:57:45

Pollen Research Unit

Berrie Thu 22-Mar-07 18:51:29

Thanks bundle will looks interesting will look in more detail later

isgrassgreener Fri 30-Mar-07 12:36:30

Just wanted to ask you fellow tree pollen allergy folks, do any of you have an oral allergy as well, which means you get an in the mouth reaction to certain fruits, veg, nuts as well?

Dinosaur Fri 30-Mar-07 12:37:57

My DS1 was very itchy and sneezy yesterday afternoon, so there's something about!

hermykne Fri 30-Mar-07 12:39:37

if there are silver birch trees in your area they give off a huge amount of pollen and it starts in the spring withthe catkins producing more of the stuff,
we planted one outside our front door!!! have to keep the from window closed when its emanating the stuff

Berrie Sat 31-Mar-07 16:23:54

Yep Silver birch tree in the garden! Also looking at Bundles web site, it's peak season for willow. We are surrounded by them!
However after I posted this last week and after a quite frightening asthma attack (for me), I suddenly realised that the mother's day lillies might have something to do with it and I've been fine since banishing them outside!
isgrassgreener, I don't get an oral reaction to fruit etc though pollen does give me a sore throat.

RiversC Wed 20-Apr-16 20:56:38

hi guys, just wondered if you could help, hows yr allergy going? im still having symptoms,,,

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