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Food items containing wheat/gluten......

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hennipenni Wed 21-Mar-07 15:08:03

My DD is going on a school residential trip soon, as she has a wheat/gluten intolerance the school have asked me to list foods that contain wheat/gluten. Know, I know that they know about the usual bread,pasta,pastry, binding agents in sausage/burgers but the school are understandably concerned about the hidden contents in things like gravy, cereals, sauces etc. Any other things that they may not have thought about would be a great help, unfortunatly I have drawn a blank now because we just live with it now and don't think about it

ScottishThistle Wed 21-Mar-07 15:20:00

Biscuits, quiche, sorry can't think of anything else right now.

I'd just say if they have any concerns then not to give it to your child.

Heartmum2Jamie Wed 21-Mar-07 16:39:55

Certain types of crisps, cereals, chips (they may have a coating to make them brown better), gravey, sauces, biscuits. I will keep thinking!

BettySpaghetti Wed 21-Mar-07 16:46:10

Some brands of:

tomato ketchup
baked beans

hairymclary Wed 21-Mar-07 16:46:41

tell them to read the blinking packets fgs.
you can't give them a list of every single thing that contains it

hennipenni Wed 21-Mar-07 20:26:30

Thankyou for the mostly helpfull comments, had forgotten about baked beans and chips. Any more ideas?

nickytwotimes Wed 21-Mar-07 20:27:37

remember oats have gluten in them.

PeachyClair Wed 21-Mar-07 20:28:51

cereals I would suggest they just give cornflakes as we do, remind them about oats being NOT OK.

Potato head crisps are OK (Not the cheesey ones though)- tell them to go for those, my Mum keeps stock of cornflakes and potatoheads. And doritos.

I have a BIBIC list somewhere I can try and dig out if that would help?

PeachyClair Wed 21-Mar-07 20:29:08

X post nicki LOL

PeachyClair Wed 21-Mar-07 20:29:38

(I always say as well- if in doubt, jacket potato with heinz beans does a treat)

nickytwotimes Wed 21-Mar-07 20:29:43

great minds peachy!

hennipenni Wed 21-Mar-07 20:34:17

Thankyou nicky, have told them she can have cornflakes, Peachy would you mind getting the list? that would be a great help otherwise the poor lass will be eating jacket spuds and salad all the time!

Heartmum2Jamie Wed 21-Mar-07 20:52:22

Don't forget about some sandwich meats, like crumbed ham or anthing that contains mustard powder as it tends to have wheat flour in it.

tribpot Wed 21-Mar-07 20:56:28

Don't forget stock cubes and soy sauce (I think - or is that dh's shellfish intolerance, I think it's wheat!). Sausages are a pain in the jacksy, there are some wheat-free ones but they are few and far between.

It would be better if they listed the planned menu and then you (and we!) could highlight any areas of concern.

hennipenni Wed 21-Mar-07 20:57:51

Thanks hm2j, she will only eat cheese now due to a reaction she had after I didn't check the ingredients on the sandwich meat packet

hennipenni Wed 21-Mar-07 20:58:39

tribpot, I couldn't agree more!

hennipenni Wed 21-Mar-07 20:59:24

P.s she loves the sainsburys wheat free sausages.

tutu100 Wed 21-Mar-07 21:02:54

marks and spencer do really nice gluten free sausages. bit off subject but in case anyone was interested. Have you got the book that comes from the ceoliacs society which lists all gluten free products from participating companies. That way they could check if they were unsure.

tribpot Wed 21-Mar-07 21:04:09

Sainsburys sausages are a lifesaver aren't they? Have just discovered a new variety for sale there, the Black Farmer ones? (I think it's Black Farmer). Haven't tried them yet but huzzah for reasonable wheat-free sausages. I feel like writing to Prince Charles and asking why his ruddy Duchy Originals ones have to have wheat in. It might be original but it's bloody annoying!

tribpot Wed 21-Mar-07 21:05:12

tutu - I don't like the M&S sausages, have you tried the Sainsburys ones? In the Taste the Difference range - pork and fresh herb, Sicilian and Toulouse ones. (Plus aforementioned Black Farmer ones).

PeachyClair Wed 21-Mar-07 21:26:55

I have requested the file from BIBIC, should be able to let you have it in the next couple of days - its VERY comprehensive LOL!

We rather like the Tesco free from sasages, and fish fingers, its just nice for him to have something that looks normal. Don't like the pizzas you can get in Asda freezers, though.

You all know Wacky Warehouse chain does gluten free kids meals now?

Dottydot Wed 21-Mar-07 21:29:44

I don't think kelloggs cornflakes are OK - but I think Tescos and Asda's are! Tesco's and Asda's rice krispies are also OK.

Lots of fruit gum-type sweets have gluten/wheat in, and licorice. Crisps (Walkers tend to be OK though), fishfingers, then the usual bread-type suspects!

PeachyClair Wed 21-Mar-07 21:37:35

Haribo sweets are OK though- the website states that they all are which is fab!

Asda crisps are OK iirc, and as I say the doritos

For some bizarre reason Mum didnt think of rice !!! LOL

You're right about the Kelloggs Cornflakes- they contain barley, Asda are OK though? Not sure- I do boiled eggs atm, or rice crispies at home. We have some cornflakes here- but not exactly exciting every day

tkband3 Wed 21-Mar-07 22:27:44

Our dietitan told us no to kellogs cornflakes, but that rice krispies were ok. Kallo do some nice honey coated gluten free rice krispies - Sainsburys stock them. Heinz baked beans are fine as is heinz ketchup but tescos ketchup has gluten in.

DD1 loves sainsburys sausages too. I bought the black farmer ones recently to make sausage rolls as I haven't found any gluten-free sausage meat yet - they were fab (although pastry wasn't exactly what you'd call short-crust ).

hennipenni - maybe it would be easier as someone else has suggested if they gave you a menu planner and you could highlight what she can't have and offer alternative ideas...

Just remembered - no smarties, but chocolate buttons are fine.

auntymandy Thu 22-Mar-07 07:22:49

Asda do a gluten free range of stuff. including pizza and chicken pies!!!
plus the obvious biscuits, cereal etc. I think morrisons have a reasonable range too!

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