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Could this be CMPA? Tmi nappy photos!

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noblegiraffe Sun 18-Jun-17 10:13:02

DS had spots and nappies like that and isn't intolerant to anything if that's any use?

peripateticparents Sun 18-Jun-17 10:09:01

I think every child is different in terms of how 'upset' they are and how they cope. My multiple anaphylaxis, allergic to far too much, son, was nicknamed 'buddha baby' because he was so chilled, as long as he was near me. the only time he'd be upset was in the middle of the night - and as soon as he sat up with me, cuddling, he was fine. (turned out to be an as yet undiscovered allergy, stopped within 48 hs of cutting out last food). Oh, he was also 90th centile for weight, all along! (though kept dropping down centiles for height, another reason for being buddha baby).

Having said that, it sounds like it's all going fine, and could just be she's a baby grin. Best not to cut out anything if it's not an issue, lest you "make" an allergy!

ilovetosleep Fri 16-Jun-17 17:08:04

Thanks for the reply! I remember the eat study from last time, the results came out around the time DC2 was weaning. Thankfully he has grown out of his gluten intolerance and egg allergy, and we've settled about half way up the milk ladder for a while.

Anyway I went to the GP this morning and she is convinced nappy is in realms of normal and the skin is just baby acne. I am not 100% convinced, but she did say that with no real gastric symptoms, very good weight gain and no actual eczema, CMPA is unlikely. I guess i should give it a couple more weeks to see if anything gets worse before I cut anything out? She's generally happy enough as long as she's on me and I think if she was uncomfortable she'd cry wherever she was? And she slept 5 hrs straight last night which would imply she's pretty settled. Listen to me trying to convince myself it'll all be ok!

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peripateticparents Fri 16-Jun-17 03:48:17

Hello again .. I think we've met over allergy discussions before .. with the family history etc, I'd say here's a chance it's allergies, though in our family there was always a lot more mucus in the nappies too. Best of luck with your appointments. Please please please , though, look into the EAT study, which is early weaning on allergy foods for at risk kids. I swear my dc3 had similar signs to my allergy child (tho not as severe). A dodgy month or so but now dc3 can eat anything. Even if this turns out to be nothing, by virtue of siblings you have a high risk child so it's worth it!

ilovetosleep Thu 15-Jun-17 17:57:02

DC3 (ebf, 4 wld old) has awful nappies and now she has a baby acne type rash on her face. I know lots of non allergy babies get spots but combined with the poo I'm starting to worry, as DC2 is dairy intolerant and I did an exclusion diet with him, although the symptoms were different. I really really hope it's not! She was really unsettled for a while but the last few days actually seems much calmer and happier. She had really bad wind due to my fast letdown but I think I have tackled that, but the nappies haven't improved (although they are less green). Apologies about the poo pic! I have become a little obsessed with poo! Seeing GP tomorrow.

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