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Gluten intolerance blood test for 2 year old?

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ButterMelonCauliflower Tue 23-May-17 15:31:36

My dd is 2 and a half and has always had diarrhoea. On doctor's advice we tried removing gluten from her diet and have seen a huge improvement. I would like a proper diagnosis, and he is sending her for blood tests. I asked him if she needed gluten in her system for the test to be effective and he said no, I should keep her gluten free. Is this right?
He didn't seem to know much about it - and in fact rang the local paediatric ward while I was in the room to ask for advice. From past experience I don't have a huge amount of faith in him. Should I get a second opinion?

lamado Tue 23-May-17 16:35:34

I'm afraid your doctor has given you terrible advice. I assume your doctor is testing for coeliac disease. Prior to testing you have to be consuming gluten daily for 6 weeks in order for the test to be effective. The problem you may find is once gluten is removed you can become even more sensitive to it than you were prior to exclusion.
Check out
For more information, and I would be complaining to your doctor.

Tweedledumb0 Tue 23-May-17 16:58:02

Seconding what Lamado says... that's awful advice from the doctor!

Please bear in mind that the gold standard for coeliac testing is biopsy; there's quite a high false negative rate with the blood test. And the are other non coeliac conditions, like non IgE mediated allergy, which could produce the same symptoms, but wouldn't be picked up on blood test.

Bottom line, you'll need to go back on the gluten for a couple of months to get a reliable blood test result, but they're not that reliable, and coeliac isn't the only possibility. It's worth being relatively confident that you've ruled coeliac out, but if she has diarrhoea like that then there's a real prob even if it's not coeliac, so I'd recommend taking her back off gluten once you've done the blood test.

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