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Lovely holidays in Europe good for coeliacs?

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Stripeystripes Tue 09-May-17 08:32:38

I usually rent an apartment whenever I go anywhere. But it would be nice to stay in a child-friendly hotel / villa that also caters for coeliac...

Anyone stay in any gems?

Somewhere really gorgeous would be fab!

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RhythmAndStealth Mon 05-Jun-17 16:22:16

As a place that gets coeliac awareness, Madrid is amazing. There is a really active coeliac society that has gone out and done cross contamination awareness in restaurants etc. There is a bakery called Celicioso which is amazing.

Celicioso also has a branch in Marbella- within the Puebte Romano hotel/resort. So I am guessing that would be a good bet.

Based on experience, NH hotels usually do pretty well for coeliacs.

But I would really, really recommend Madrid as a place. As well as Celicioso, I would also recommend any Groupon oter restaurants, especially La Parilla del Mago. Best gf bread ever- proper crispy baguettes, and loads of dishes that are suitable. There is a churro place that does gf churros, Maestro Churro.

And every El Cortes Ingles (department store) has a great gf section (especially the one in Sol). There are some special gf places, but really most places are so aware of cross contamination issues you don't need to go the specialist route.

It's the only place we go where I feel we can stay in a hotel and not be self-catering, it's so easy to eat out.

RhythmAndStealth Mon 05-Jun-17 16:22:39

Puente Romano, sorry.

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