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Reaction 'down there'

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MineAreCrafty Sun 07-May-17 07:32:54

I can't believe I'm actually in this predicament but after months of different examinations and failed treatments for thrush, the only conclusion that my GP and iCash clinic can reach is that I have eczema vaginally or am allergic to stuff. Does anyone suffer with this or have any advice? I'm getting some relief with a canesten/steroid combo cream but apart from that I could literally tear my vagina off and happily throw it to the hills for the itching. Please can someone tell me it's ok and life can resume as normal once again. It's even been suggested I could be allergic to sex!!! Thanks for reading.

PanannyPanoo Sun 07-May-17 12:42:52

what steroid cream are you on? you may need a stronger one to use for 7 days to get on top of it. I am unable to use sanitary products and only use fairy non bio. I find changing under wear several times a day helps too.
I imagine you wear cotton, and am not allergic to latex if you use condoms. I expect all that has been discussed. Have you tried taking anti histamine like piriton? If its an allergic reaction that will help. if its eczema it is just trial and error to find the combination of steroids and emollient that works for you.
It is not the best experience going to the Dr with an itchy fanDanjo! Hope it clears up soon. x

MineAreCrafty Sun 07-May-17 13:03:47

Ha! No it's not! The steroid is Canesten HC which is clotrimazole and hydrocortisone acetate. It really helps the itching. I don't think I'm allergic to latex as haven't come into contact with it. Sanitary towels kill me! I use a mooncup but not sure how to go about not using towels for leaks. I'm using Surcare and also have hydromol and aqueous creams. God the itching and soreness are hell and I'm really swollen down there. I've been swabbed for absolutely everything and everything comes back as neg except sometimes I test positive for thrush. Canesten pessaries don't work and so therefore I have a stronger pessary to use and it seems to make me feel a bit unwell. It's all fun and games. Recently separated from husband so I think stress has triggered it.

tatohead Sun 07-May-17 23:55:55

Could it be an allergy to silicone i.e. The mooncup?

Empireoftheclouds Mon 08-May-17 00:06:50

Have they ruled out psoriasis? It presents differently on the genitals compared with elbows and knees.

I treated mine as thrush for literally 20 years before the pennny dropped

9unctured6icycle Mon 08-May-17 00:11:38

Same as Empire, I was treated for thrush for about five yrs before psoriasis dx, then years later had completely new and different symptoms and dx w lichen planus.
Ask for a referral, I had dozens of eyes on my fanny for a year via GUM clinic, chronic clinic, dermatology etc etc and it had to be escalated like three times before anyone would chance a dx.

9unctured6icycle Mon 08-May-17 00:14:24

PS. Treatments for psoriasis and lp are the same - steroid cream - so I do regret having a biopsy. It was a painful palaver, unhelpful and has made everything a bit wonky on one side. angry

MineAreCrafty Mon 08-May-17 07:03:02

Hmmm. Never thought I could be allergic to the MC. Not sure what I could end up using?

MineAreCrafty Mon 08-May-17 07:09:09

What does psoriasis feel like? God it's so utterly depressing confused

yellowbumblebee Mon 08-May-17 07:14:55

Reusable towels? I've just started using them and am getting on quite well with them.

RubySparks Mon 08-May-17 07:15:24

Also check you are not anaemic, this can sometimes show as thrush.

Gimboid Mon 08-May-17 07:15:46

A silly question but have you tried shaving? I heard of someone who had similar and it turned out it was the hairs getting too long causing the itching.

GandT2 Mon 08-May-17 07:23:36

I have a condition called lichen schlerosus which is incredibly itchy when not treated. It has also quite badly affected my vulva and I had to have a small procedure to release scar adhesions. I think this may be worth a mention to your gp?

YouCanDoThis Mon 08-May-17 07:23:45

It sounds as though it might be lichen sclerosis. Perhaps ask to try a stronger steroid cream (dermovate) to see whether it responds, or see a dermatologist.

picklemepopcorn Mon 08-May-17 07:25:50

I react to the elastic trim on knickers which I why I wear fabric towels all the time. Have you tried men's boxers? That is another alternative.

Fabric towels are good. After years of experience I like the fleece/minky topped ones as they stay looking tidy and are very soft. Do not get the type with the overlocked edges!

picklemepopcorn Mon 08-May-17 07:28:10

Also, what soap are you using? Can you try being product free for a while? Even Shampoo will be dripping down there. I used a shampoo for the first time in a year, and my feet got intensely itchy. Presumably the soapy water ran over them...

Can you tell I'm experienced in random infuriating itchiness?

fusspot66 Mon 08-May-17 07:35:01

Maternity towels are less irritant than 'Always' types.
Is your moon cup harbouring thrush?
Just some thoughts

Ridingthegravytrain Mon 08-May-17 07:35:36

Have you tried cutting sugar in all forms out of your diet? It is bloody hard but you sound miserable anyway. It worked for me

picklemepopcorn Mon 08-May-17 07:40:57

Did it start before the moon cup? Have you boil washed the moon cup (don't let it boil dry blush)

MineAreCrafty Mon 08-May-17 07:44:27

Thanks guys. It's not anaemia and not lichen scelorisis. I'm using hydromol to wash

hoihoihoi Mon 08-May-17 07:48:19

Can you get a patch test on your back from an allergist? I did and turned out I was allergic to something in the disposable pads I was using. Before that I'd been getting blisters down there!

TheGhostsOfPresidentsYetToCome Mon 08-May-17 07:52:41

I'm allergic to liquid washing powder/fabric softener and was tested for every STI under the sun before I worked it out myself.

Really itchy, swollen and loads and loads (unbelievable amounts) of clear discharge. Any chance it could be that?

FuckyNell Mon 08-May-17 07:59:43

Mine turned out to be vaginal atrophy at 37. Start of peri menopause shock now sorted with hrt. Just putting it out there in case it helps someone!

MineAreCrafty Mon 08-May-17 09:27:45

Really itchy, swollen and loads and loads (unbelievable amounts) of clear discharge. Any chance it could be that?

This describes it exactly

MineAreCrafty Mon 08-May-17 09:28:41

Just got to work and it's probably the worst it's ever been sadsad

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