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Nummular/ Discoid eczema in 1 year old

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Kiwi32 Sat 06-May-17 08:28:44

Hi All

Any experience in managing this type of eczema? My one year old has developed it following post-viral hives. It's not too bad at the moment but very keen to stop it in its tracks. I've had it myself and the only thing that helped was strong steroid cream which I'm keen to avoid if at all possible.

Due to my own history with eczema he has only ever been bathed in water with a little lavender oil and only every other day on average. I use a sulphate-free baby shampoo on his hair only maybe once a week. We use reusable wipes with water. Non-bio washing powder. He's just started daily probiotics.

So far I have tried my own emollient cream (diprobase), coconut oil, aveeno and aloe vera (only just started the aloe). No improvement so far, in fact it is worsening. Not tried any dietary stuff as I think there is no evidence it's linked to this type of eczema? Let me know if you have had a different experience though...

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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tatohead Sat 06-May-17 13:26:41

My daughter had this with cmpa, cutting out dairy and using coconut oil in the bath has stopped it

Kiwi32 Sat 06-May-17 13:36:23

Hi tato thanks for your reply- do you mind me asking what age your daughter was when she first showed symptoms? Will try adding coconut oil to his bath tonight.

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tatohead Sat 06-May-17 18:01:00

From birth really, she'd have flare ups when ill, I remember a particularly bad one at 6 months when she was teething. She's still dairy free (21months old now, I first went dairy free at 4 weeks old) and she's not had any eczema for a while although it's hard to say whether it is the dairy or her just growing out of the eczema

Kiwi32 Sat 06-May-17 18:42:09

So glad to hear it's settled down. I had it really badly as a child and have had flares as an adult and was so hoping he'd escape! He's been having dairy since about 10 months old with no issues so I'm not 100% convinced that's his trigger as the eczema is very recent. I would try dairy-free if nothing else is working though so will keep it in mind, thank you

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canteatcustard Sun 07-May-17 00:20:40

I take it that there are no signs of food allergy or environmental allergies apart from the eczema?

I would otherwise be loath to rub any food/ pollen/plant based creams on an infant for allergy reasons.

In terms of sealing in moisture, thin oils or creams dont hit the mark. something heavier is needed. hence the use of 50/50 soft and hard mix of parafin type creams. Which do have benefit of not having food or environmental allergens in them. They are heavier and seal in moisture that thinner creams do not. This is the difference between emollients and lighter creams, the latter sinks in and does not form a barrier against moisture loss.
Steroids on skin in low doses an used correctly in short term are not harmful. For instance a low dose of 5% with correct emollient can stop and halt and improve things for most with eczema.
We used them on our son for his first 5 years, and at that point he grew out of the worst of it. His eczema was moderate to severe. If we had decided to avoid the normal prescribed meds he would of had to have more prescriptions of antibiotics and higher levels of steroids on his skin far more frequently.
keeping his skin moist and in good condition with his many allergies was a constant battle.
Btw children with eczema are always dehydrated as they loose so much through the skin, so regular drinks of water are needed.
As is being aware of hygiene due to risk of infection.

I had eczema as a child and it was my generation that saw the big damage re steroids and skin, as at the time it was uncontrolled with no moisterizers. Time has changed since the 60s 70s and the treatments are more controlled esp for children.
I still have sensitive skin, but can remember the constant infections on my legs and the pain from living with eczema that wasnt treated correctly. It is hard watching that being repeated with your children. thankfully once my son had his allergens diagnosed and with decent treatment for his skin, his life and pain levels dropped almost completely.

Kiwi32 Sun 07-May-17 07:05:02

Hi custard, thank you so much for your reply. No he has shown no sign of any food or other allergies thank goodness. I do think the trigger this time was the post-viral hives, that rash seemed to turn into the eczema.

I will continue with the diprobase then, the aloe seems to helping the 'angriest' patch so will continue with that also.

I totally take on board what you said about steroids-I will make a GP appointment and see what they recommend.

Thanks again for the help and reassurance.

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