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Weaning - how much vomiting suggests allergy rather than just new to food?

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parentsvsPIL Thu 04-May-17 01:19:45

(posted this in weaning too)

Weaning DS at 6 mo. First week - banana & baby rice go down well & stay down. However sweet potato & potato both reproducibly result in vomiting 1-2 hours later. It's usually only one vomit and it's not projectile but it is quite a lot and reasonably forceful.

I've been posting a lot on the allergy boards as DS has allergic proctocolitis. What alerted us to it was him reacting to me eating tomatoes; however I have been eating capsicum & potato with no particular issues, so I thought trying weaning onto potato would be OK.

Paediatric allergist friend says actual allergy to nightshades and sweet potato are both very rare - so do I treat this as allergy (wait a month and try again; if still vomiting leave it for 6 months) or do I assume it will get better and DS just has a sensitive tummy and I should keep feeding him things that initially make him sick? Proceeding with weaning as per the EAT protocol, vomiting shouldn't necessarily matter...

I can read the allergy literature but don't know much about weaning (and allergist friend clearly didn't do much feeding of his kids at this age as he also has no idea what's normal in weaning!)

We have an apointment with the paed outpatient clinic at local hospital next week, but I suspect they aren't going to be very up to date with the literature (they rejected the referral initially, backing up the rejection with a few very out of date ideas),

caraway33 Thu 04-May-17 02:13:08

I think if it's only a vomit but no other symptoms, it isn't an indication of an allergic reaction.

lovecreameggs Thu 04-May-17 02:15:53

It could be a non-ige reaction. I'd probably lay off it and try in a few weeks again, see if it gets the same results.

parentsvsPIL Thu 04-May-17 03:46:53

thanks. yep am thinking non-IgE reaction as the timing is about right, he has had allergic proctocolitis (also non-IgE) and have tried each twice with the same result each time (and breastmilk/banana/ rice in between all stay down so i don't think it's a bug).

eerry Sun 14-May-17 20:59:01

Are you adding anything to the potato/sweet potato?

Agree is rare allergy to have but no impossible obviously.

DC has allergies to dairy, soy and eggs. I have often found when he reacted to other things (especially at the beginning of weaning) it was due to one if his allergens sneaking in.

parentsvsPIL Tue 16-May-17 03:57:35

literally nothing else in there. Boiled in water, pureed in blender.

BTW allergist/ paed advice was feed him everything...

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