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Weening with CMPA

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jess28593 Sun 30-Apr-17 20:20:24

Weening with CMPA advice

Anything you can can't give?

What age?

What did you start with?

Before anyone looks at my previous questions DD IS ONLY 3.5 months I'm asking in advance and am waiting to see a dietitian first just curious about the above questions😊

lovecreameggs Sun 30-Apr-17 22:34:50

Wait until 6 months, I did blw and you're obviously supposed to avoid dairy and soya, but also introduce each new food only after 3 days. I found this tiresome so just jotted down what I'd given and when in case of a reaction. The key thing to note is that most babies get upset tums with weaning but people often confuse these 'reactions' as allergic reactions so you have to be careful not to over think and let weaning settle for a few months before declaring your child is allergic to every food you try!

jess28593 Sun 30-Apr-17 23:09:29

What kind of things did you give?x

lovecreameggs Mon 01-May-17 01:56:32

I gave anything that I ate, usually home made stuff with no salt/stock added, fish pie (made with koko milk) went down especially well. The baby led weaning cookbook was useful but obviously have to adapt a lot of the recipes which is sometimes tricky when cheese is the main ingredient!

If you're doing the 3 day rule then you'll do more plain veg/fruit/meat on their own rather than dishes of combined ingredients

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