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weaning advice for EBF baby with food allergies already established...?

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parentsvsPIL Sun 23-Apr-17 10:41:46

Anyone got any advice on where on earth to start with weaning and what to avoid, when?

5.5 mo DS is definitely showing all the right signs for weaning.

He has been EBF, and has had allergic proctocolitis / proctitis/ FPIAP/ food-allergic blood in poo since 4 weeks old. It has cleared up in the past week.

I cut out wheat, peanuts, tomato, potato, capsicum about 8 weeks ago, successfully reintroducing potato & capsicum in the past week.

I cut out dairy, soy, corn & egg about 6 weeks ago. Haven't tried reintroducing any of them.

I cut out oats 1 week ago & that seemed to do the trick for clearing up the blood.

I tried reintroducing peanuts a few weeks back & he reacted with lots of bloody diarrhoea for about 12 hours, but i have subsequently realised that the peanut butter had soy oil in it.

So the allergies are likely to be dairy & soy, probably oats, not sure about other things.

Any advice as we start weaning? Paediadtrician/ allergist appointment not for months yet...

lovecreameggs Sun 23-Apr-17 20:16:04

There's a good Facebook page called cmpa for weaning but lots of people on there with multiple allergies. Blw is a good way to go and only offering one new food every 3 days is usually the advice, staying clear of allergens obviously

ShovingLeopard Mon 24-Apr-17 01:12:36

My DD has loads of food intolerances and allergies. The paediatric allergy team she is under have advised introducing new foods one at a time. As pp said, introduce for 3-5 days until you move onto the next food. We were advised not to introduce anything new while DD was still reacting to a previous tried food (that had turned out to be an allergen), or while she is sick. Weaning has been slow....!

Do you have a paediatric allergy team at a nearby hospital? If so, I would recommend asking for a referral. They can do skin prick tests for allergies (though not for intolerances), you will get access to the most up to date prescribing methods for meds, and also access to dietitians.

ShovingLeopard Mon 24-Apr-17 01:13:43

Oh, and I should have said that we were advised to start with small amounts of a new food on day one of introduction, and slowly JP the quantity if there is no reaction.

ShovingLeopard Mon 24-Apr-17 01:13:59

UP the quantity. Ffs!

parentsvsPIL Mon 24-Apr-17 08:40:21

Thanks. Paed allergy clinic appt is months away yet, so unlikely to be much use.

Tried reintroducing egg today: green frothy bloody nappies this evening.

just re the Fb groups, people seem to be really confused on there — noone seems to know about non-IgE mediated allergy, they seem to think this is the same thing as intolerance. Maybe I have just run into a few confused people. But haven't yet found much advice.

Facefactsnow Mon 24-Apr-17 08:53:30

I have some personal experience as my child was gluten soya dairy egg and nightshade intolerant.

The p.p. who said work on cycles. 3-5 days. Single ingredient foods, start with the least likely to react foods. Given your issues with tomatoes don't try any nightshade initially.

Every food that is successful keep a lot of how it was prepared... and keep feeding it. Make food fun to avoid food aversion because of the issues it causes.

Don t rush into trials.
By 1 yr old 20% of children outgrow allergies
By 2 50%
By 3 80%
So it won't kill you to wait. But do try a multi vitamin and maybe Biokult.

Be prepared to press to see the right doctors as a lot don't understand allergies, you need one to be sympathetic.

Good luck and pm me if you want

Facefactsnow Mon 24-Apr-17 08:54:31

By the way I swap between intolerant and allergic as we have ige, no ige and fpies

parentsvsPIL Mon 24-Apr-17 09:16:38

FPIES and FPIAP are both well-characterized as non-IgE mediated reactions aren't they? Or am I reading the literature wrongly?

I am so not an immunologist... used to think I had a handle on this stuff (was once a biologist) but I generally have no clue about human cell biology these days

parentsvsPIL Mon 24-Apr-17 09:27:48

Was planning just to puree things individually with expressed breastmilk (obviously not expressing the BM when trialling reintroduction of possible allergens), freezing unused portions in ice block containers. Planned to start with fruit, spinach, root veg, lentils, then move on to rice & other non-wheat non-corn non-oat cereals, then meat, all as purees. Then gradually lumpier, then (once he can sit up unaided, and we have some confidence he can chew a bit) bits to suck/ gnaw.

Meanwhile we follow LEAP protocol for tree nut paste and initially try peanut paste under supervision if we can get GP to agree to supervise. Obvs nut pastes need to not contain soy oils.

Does that sound vaguely ok?

I guess we avoid all dairy, soy, egg, oats (and prob corn...) until 1 yr then try again.

Facefactsnow Mon 24-Apr-17 20:18:25

I see FPIES non ige extreme if that makes sense, it's far scarier than the other non ige reactory foods.

Your plan seems sensible to me..the only exception being I didn't try introducing anything via me while weaning to make sure each food was trialled under 'baseline' circumstances.

When are you starting

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