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Ceoliacs help

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IsItWine0ClockSoon Tue 28-Mar-17 08:29:31

I was diagnosed with coeliaca 3 years ago and have been well most of the time. But, I stupidly glutened myself almost 2 weeks ago and have been suffering ever since. Does anyone know if that is to be expected or is it likely to be something else? I've been feeling sick, exhausted and had an upset stomach for 12 days now.....any thoughts? X x

user1471537877 Tue 28-Mar-17 11:35:44

My first thought is what did you gluten yourself with? Do you know and have made yourself safe or are you possibly still ingesting accidentally

Possible culprits can be lipsticks, new drinks, changed recipes or a gf product that is contaminated and later gets recalled (we've had this a few times)

If you're sure it's none of the above then yes 2 weeks is a long recovery and I say this as a severe coeliac

Go back to basics, strip down your diet to foods that are very safe, avoid the nightshade family, oats and look at your response to dairy

Consider doing a reboot with good quality probiotics as your gut flora may be off ( we use optibac)

If it doesn't settle soon consider a gp check

lamado Tue 28-Mar-17 19:52:40

Good advice above, just wanted to add I live with 3 coeliacs and they all react differently. My youngest will be violently ill for a few hours but the following day will be absolutely fine, my DH will be quite ill for 3 days and take a week to fully recover.
You definitely have to identify what caused you to be glutened and make sure you have eliminated it, and I echo the pp recommendation of watching dairy and taking probiotics.
Charcoal and turmeric are also supposed to be beneficial to the gut.
Hope you feel better soon.

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