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Legoland Denmark - coeliac catering?

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Picklesandpies Sun 12-Mar-17 08:39:38


We are going to be taking our children to Legoland in Denmark this summer but are trying to decide on accommodation in relation to catering for our 9 year old daughter who is coeliac.

Whilst I appreciate there may be 'gluten free' options in some restaurants, I'm not sure how coeliac aware they will be (i.e. Cross contamination prevention etc) It might be nice to stay in the hotel but I am wondering whether we will cope without a small kitchen of our own to cook in.

Has anyone got any experience of eating there as a coeliac?


Smurf123 Fri 19-May-17 23:15:51

Heya didn't want to read and run ... I'm not sure how Legoland is for coeliac but I know Denmark in general were pretty good at having dairy free and allergy foods. I have a friend who lives near legoland and their 2 neighbours kids are both coeliac.. With annual passes to legoland So i can try and ask them for you.... Other think is every staff member in legoland should speak fantastic English so they should be able to talk you through coeliac friendly options when your there

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